Tuesday 28 March 2017

Sewing happily

I have started a new quilt, with fabric I bought from the US.
Even with the postage it was a bargain, so I am happily sewing, albeit slowly.
 The design is called quadrefoil and you can find it here .
I sew a little every evening and I am thoroughly enjoying sewing it.
Chris x

Tuesday 21 March 2017

TA-DA..Top done

 I have loved sewing this quilt. It was originally to be a picnic quilt for us but, when my DS#2 and DIL saw it, she said she'd love it for their motor home.
I still have to do a white border then of course layer and quilt, so still a lot to do. I thought I could get it done for their wedding anniversary in June.
I will have to buy the white for the border, the wadding and backing but my local shop is only a few miles away and although I am not buying anything unnecessary in Lent, this is a needed to get it done.

I am very pleased with it, each tulip is made up of 16 separate pieces, but lovely to see each one grow. It is lovely to be sewing again. And I have some new fabric I ordered before Lent, which I have already cut some with my new cutter, which works a treat.
It is so colourful and the tulips turned out a lot better than I thought. A friend who has recently started quilted complimented me on the tiny stitches and I felt really proud!!
Have you something you're proud of?
Chris x

Sunday 12 March 2017

Where there's a will......

........ there's a way!
To finish the top of my tulip quilt I  needed to cut some more squares and sashing. Well I  found I could move my arm forward with my rotary cutter although it was painful, but then I didn't have enough strength in my arm to cut the fabric!!
DH helped, so I could finish the white edging on the tulip blocks. But it was difficult with me fussing him on how to make sure the ruler was dead on the 1/2" line  for the
1 1/2" sashing.. and then I remembered seeing a combo-ruler cutter in a fabric shop. Good ol'Amazon had loads all different sizes, I tried a bigger one, but I couldn't manoeuvre it, sent it back and bought this one 12"x12"And I can use it with my broken arm, as it doesn't need a lot of pressure, but I can also use it left handed!! Watch this space I have nearly finished hand sewing the main part of the quilt top, I want to edge it with a white sash border and then 'piano keys.' I may tackle them on my machine. I am a happy bunny now I can quilt again.
Chris x

Wednesday 1 March 2017

St David's Day

Hapus Dydd Gŵyl Dewi
Chris x