Sunday 10 January 2016

What are you going to do in 2016?

I really fancied using up all this yarn I have from various projects and saw these mitred squares on Ravelry. I thought I 'd just knit a few now and then, but they are very addictive so before I knew it I had knitted 16!
But I am definitely going to stitch this, it is my favourite cross stitch.

But I love this too, which was a present from  Ingrid

And of course my lovely Fairies at the Bottom of our Garden, the chart was gifted me from Cath  who searched through all her magazines to find it for me.

I haven't tried to cross stitch for a week or two, but I am going to have a jolly good go! A broken arm is NOT going to stop me! I think I will also go through my charts and find something else I'd like to stitch, it's always nice to have several projects on the go!!
Happy New Year all and hope you have something waiting for you with those little xxx's I feel  quite excited and can't wait to get started.. 2016 here I come!


Saturday 2 January 2016

I did quite a lot in 2015 in spite of my arm!

I didn't do myself justice considering everything, I did quite a lot in 2015I

Two knitted rabbits and two knitted mice, all with different style dresses.

I stitched this little sampler, which I loved doing. I shall stitch a lot more in 2016( DV)
  A crochet shawl for DD, she chose the colour,  and a colourful poncho for me, I chose the colours!!

Four pairs of socks for my grand children, the 2 pairs of blue for #3 GS
A sewn pair of cushions for #1 son's GF's son, a very lovely little boy

And this little stitched sampler for my dear friend Iris who had a stroke, I had such wonderful holidays with her.
 But here I am beginning of 2016 and I WILL stitch and sew. We have carried out the exogen treatment each day, so hopefully it will have an effect and my bone will show healing.
My weight has sored, because even when I am out walking I walk carefully and slowly. I have compensated myself with creamy cakes, and since Christmas with chocs and fudge, which is my favourite. But I am back to weighing each week with some friends, so that will be my check to keep to a sensible eating plan.
I want a join a SAL to finish my WIPs, does anyone know of any please?
I hope everyone has started 2016 with hope in your hearts and love all around you. Today I could have slumped into despair when I struggled with a jumper sleeve, but I got myself together and DH helped, so I decided to make the effort and be happy, it wasn't easy, the pain continues. Our mild winter has ended and today it was cold rain and a 'brisk' breeze, very unpleasant, BUT we are not flooded like hundreds of poor people up north.
So I am almost back to being a happy, almost back to my always smiling 'Pollyanna' self.