Monday 29 April 2019

Yarn snobbery

'Has anyone else experienced yarn snobbery? I'm talking about those people who will only use fiber from baby yaks born by the light of the first full moon after the autumn equinox, washed with the tears of a thousand virgins and spun by unicorns versus those of us who use acrylic?' I laughed out loud when I read this on a FB knitting site, so funny....but.....

…..This was the most expensive item I've ever knitted. It took 3 hanks at £15.50 each and I have never used it! I might next winter, it is lovely and soft and very warm
I feel ashamed that I  haven't ever use it, but I loved knitting it and would knit the same in an acrylic yarn.
Do you have anything you've made but not used for what ever reason?

Sunday 28 April 2019

Rip-it, rip-it, rip-it...

Well they do say 'Pride comes before a Fall.' My latest sweet pea colours crochet throw effort had frogs arrive last evening when I noticed one side was wandering, so 10 rows ended up as crinkled wool, arggggg
But I wouldn't  have been happy with it wrong, so now carrying on at double quick speed.

My latest read is this book.. 

It gives you an insight into how someone with Asperger's might see the world. Don, a professor is socially awkward and is looking for a wife. He devises a list of questions to ask of women to determine if they'd suit him as a wife.. then along comes Rosie, she doesn't fit into any of the categories. All the characters seemed real to me and they all had real imperfections. I have laughed out loud reading it and recommend it.
It has allowed me to understand a lot more about people being wired differently and given me a good laugh too. 

Have you read any good  books that would you recommend lately?


Friday 26 April 2019

More sweet pea colours

I've crocheted another cushion, with the yarn left over, this time using Lucy's woodland wavy pattern so now two cushions to go in the summer house with the blanket.
But I didn't make my blanket the full size so I decided to make another throw with the rest of the  yarn.. well I thought I had plenty yarn, but I was missing Meadow, then when I looked I was out of Lavender and Wisteria, and also violet and magenta. 
To buy just 5 balls I 'd have had to pay postage,  so I popped along to Caroline's the little shop in my town. 

And I got the 5 and only 10p a ball more than on line. So in future I shall buy mine there, unless it is one of Lucy's packs as she gets commission.
So I am happily crocheting another throw using the Cupcake design.. but why I need another throw I don't know, except while I am it keeps my mind off eating.
Yes still dieting, anyone else?

Saturday 13 April 2019

The best news ever

Amazingly wonderful wonderful news

This morning I have received a letter from the hospital with the results of the cystoscopy I had two weeks ago and there is no evidence of an abnormal growth. I have not got cancer!!! Yeh... whew I have a lot worries about it.
I could run through a meadow shouting and laughing I feel wonderful
Yes I have an aggravated area from constant UTIs so I am to have a prophylactic anti-biotic for 6 months.. 
Amazing news and thank you Lord.. for not just the results but for getting me through it. And my lovely DH for his care and love.
I might not be able to run but I can go out to the garden and enjoy the air, the bluebells and even the dreaded weeds.. all green and fresh.
 Life is good.

(This is on my other 'life' blog)

Friday 12 April 2019

Frogs arrived

I am happily crocheting a second cushion using the sweet pea yarn I have left.. this time I'm using Lucy's  woodland wavy pattern 
But I 've hit a snag, I 've decided it needs to be bigger so,  rip rip, yes Mr Frog has been busy

And I don't mind because I enjoy doing it
Would you be willing to undo 5 evenings of work?

Sunday 7 April 2019

Happily using up my sweet pea yarn

I 've made a cushion with some of my left over sweet pea coloured yarn using Attic 24 Lucy's cup cake pattern. I 've crocheted db stitch rather than tr because I wanted a smaller stitch effect.
I 'm now doing one in the woodland ripple stitch.
It is so relaxing, the hook weaving in and out and the pattern emerging. 
Another very rainy day, just the sort of day to be in the warm crocheting, a very happy time.
Anyone got other ideas for left over yarn?