Friday, 26 April 2019

More sweet pea colours

I've crocheted another cushion, with the yarn left over, this time using Lucy's woodland wavy pattern so now two cushions to go in the summer house with the blanket.
But I didn't make my blanket the full size so I decided to make another throw with the rest of the  yarn.. well I thought I had plenty yarn, but I was missing Meadow, then when I looked I was out of Lavender and Wisteria, and also violet and magenta. 
To buy just 5 balls I 'd have had to pay postage,  so I popped along to Caroline's the little shop in my town. 

And I got the 5 and only 10p a ball more than on line. So in future I shall buy mine there, unless it is one of Lucy's packs as she gets commission.
So I am happily crocheting another throw using the Cupcake design.. but why I need another throw I don't know, except while I am it keeps my mind off eating.
Yes still dieting, anyone else?


Vickie said...

So pretty! Keep at it Chris! I have faith in you with the diet!

Julie said...

Good news you are able to purchase the Stylecraft locally at a very competitive price, its good to support local shops. You are crocheting up some lovely things.

Hooks and Needles said...

A good idea with the 'knit to quit' (crochet to quit - in your case). Debbie Macomber's Blossom street series features this idea too in 'A Good Yarn.' One character keeps her fingers busy by knitting instead of fridge picking.
A pretty cushion, I've just finished the woodland blanket for my MIL. I'm feeling a bit restless still at the moment. I keep flitting between projects - knitting more of a jumper, socks and crocheting a virus shawl. Take care Cathy x

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

I like to support local shops when I can.
Yes, I find I less likely to snack when my hands are busy with something else :)