Sunday, 28 April 2019

Rip-it, rip-it, rip-it...

Well they do say 'Pride comes before a Fall.' My latest sweet pea colours crochet throw effort had frogs arrive last evening when I noticed one side was wandering, so 10 rows ended up as crinkled wool, arggggg
But I wouldn't  have been happy with it wrong, so now carrying on at double quick speed.

My latest read is this book.. 

It gives you an insight into how someone with Asperger's might see the world. Don, a professor is socially awkward and is looking for a wife. He devises a list of questions to ask of women to determine if they'd suit him as a wife.. then along comes Rosie, she doesn't fit into any of the categories. All the characters seemed real to me and they all had real imperfections. I have laughed out loud reading it and recommend it.
It has allowed me to understand a lot more about people being wired differently and given me a good laugh too. 

Have you read any good  books that would you recommend lately?



Lesley said...

Hi Chris - I enjoyed “The Rosie Project” too x did you know there’s a sequel? It’s callled “The Rosie Effect”
Regards Lesley

Maggie said...

Such a bummer to have to frog anything, at least crochet is easier to undo than knitting though.
I've read the Rosie Project and absolutely loved it. I also read the Rosie Effect which is also very good. I discovered last week that there is also a third book, the Rosie Result which I got on audible but had to give up on because the narration was terrible, I will get it in paperback as soon as I get chance. You might also like 600 Hours of Edward by Craig Lancaster, there are 3 books in the series, all are very good. They are also about a man with Asperger syndrome, his life and relationship with his dad. If you read them let me know what you thought.
Have a good week :-)

Julie said...

I enjoyed this one too and the sequel. As Maggie says, there is a third one as well, need to find out when that is out.

My Creative Life said...

Arh a shame you had to frog some of your cushion, though I must say I frequently have to unpick my work too. Hope you have a better week with craft work, Cathy x

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

How frustrating to have to rip so much.
I enjoyed The Rosie Project but haven't read any of the sequels yet.