Monday 30 July 2018

A girly colour this time..

I have loved knitting these little baby carry seat blankets and the ripple pattern was really easy.

I am torn as to whether knit another because I have used up my nicest left over yarns, hence the two pinks on the top edging of this one.
I have a lot of orange yarn???? But today we have been to Next and bought some baby clothes for DH's GS and there were a lot of orange items there! (but I don't think babies in orange is for me) 
What do you think?

Friday 20 July 2018

Sunflowers in the sunshine

Many years ago when I first bought a set of patio furniture after my divorce, I began to appreciate the joy of eating outside.(1988) It was plastic and the table and four chairs cost £19.99 so you can guess it was a long time ago. My son who lived with me after my divorce loved sitting outside to eat too. We never did when I was married and yet, we had very large beautiful gardens.. but once divorced I bought that cheap set of furniture, we sat outside on any and every occasion. We made do with cushions and I always thought that, when I had the money I would buy fabric and make cushions I never did, I never seemed to have the spare cash. But when I moved from that house (2001)  I bought a new set of patio furniture and I bought this fabric, yards and yards of it.. I intended to make cushions; I never did!!

New patio furniture here in Suffolk and new cushions. They are so lovely and bright.
 I thought of fussy cutting,  so that there was a sunflower bang in the middle but the 'don't waste money' in me wouldn't allow me to, so I have enough fabric to make a table cover.

 I absolutely love them. It's not been easy sewing these days, my right arm still hurts to lift it up and I do have limited movement so they have been a real labour of love. They look good although two of them have the zip flaps going up and not down, but they are still good. Do you have bright patio cushions?


Saturday 14 July 2018

Disappearing stash!

I am still trying to use the yarn I have and have knitted this baby carry seat blanket. It also keeps me happily busy and not thinking about eating, as I fight for every pound lost!

 This a girly coloured one I am starting. (Is that non politically correct?) I am using circular needles which I haven't ever used before and I love them. You can't drop one, something I was often doing and while picking up one once, I toppled over but managed to protect my broken arm!
Anyway these are going to the local hospice charity shop in town and I love knitting them. The pattern is easy and keeps it interesting rather than plain garter stitch.
Do you like knitting?


Friday 6 July 2018


Finished yeh!! And I am pleased.. I wondered about the colour combination but now it's done, to me it looks ok! And it has made a big hole in my stash so if I feel the urge to buy yarn I won't feel a bit guilty.  It's going to be left in the car in case we're stopped in snow, as we were the first week of December last year, when we joined 100s of other cars on the A14. I huddled under the only blanket in the car, which was the dogs! Fortunately it hadn't long been washed so it wasn't smelly! And she was cosy back in kennels.

I am now knitting a baby's pram or carry seat blanket to use up some more! And I 'm enjoying doing it under the umbrella in the garden in our beautiful summer weather.
Anyone else sewing or knitting outside?