Saturday, 14 July 2018

Disappearing stash!

I am still trying to use the yarn I have and have knitted this baby carry seat blanket. It also keeps me happily busy and not thinking about eating, as I fight for every pound lost!

 This a girly coloured one I am starting. (Is that non politically correct?) I am using circular needles which I haven't ever used before and I love them. You can't drop one, something I was often doing and while picking up one once, I toppled over but managed to protect my broken arm!
Anyway these are going to the local hospice charity shop in town and I love knitting them. The pattern is easy and keeps it interesting rather than plain garter stitch.
Do you like knitting?



Vickie said...

Oh your navy colored one is fantastic! I like the girly colors you have picked.

Joanne Noragon said...

I am proud of what you have accomplished. I use weaving to skip extra eating. Busy hands.

Lynda said...

Beautiful colors! It is fine to say for a girl or boy. The world has gone crazy on that. I feel sorry for those who are so mixed up. They would resent that remark but I feel they are missing out on the beautiful peace of God God created them all - - - male and female.

Winifred said...

Love the colours for both of them. They are always appreciated.

I still can't get used to knitting on a circular needle or on 5 needles for hats.
I kept leaving the lovely Knit Pro ones on the floor when I was doing a lace jumper & my husband stood on them & naturally they broke! My fault though.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

It's a great way to use stash. When I saw the ripple design, I thought it was a crochet blanket rather than a knit one.