Sunday 29 July 2012

Wedding Anniversary

We have had a very pleasant day as today is our 6th Wedding Anniversary. We bought a Laura Ashley triple cake stand, its very pretty although it is still in the box at the moment!

We went for a meal in the restaurant where we had a wedding reception and it was no where as good as we have had in the past, so I told them. The manager was very nice about it and we have been offered another meal free, some time when it suits us. 
We had cards from relatives and friends so we have had a nice day.. we came home from the restaurant and enjoyed a lovely coffee and a coffee biscuit, and relaxed.
We have had a busy week.
However as we got in the house DH asked me to check my phone, which I had left at home. He had his on silent.. and there were three messages on both our phones all within minutes..  Our house alarm had gone off when we were out so there must have been some lightening to set it off. But as it only rings for 8 minutes, it wasn't too bad for our neighbours.  I am glad I left mine at home as I would have panicked if I had had the call in the restaurant. When DH was disarming the alarm, he asked me for the code, which he does every time! LOL
In spite of the meal being disappointing, we have enjoyed our day!

Chris xx

Saturday 21 July 2012

The Film... Cherry Blossoms for those who asked,, what was the film?

Cherry Blossoms Trailer - YouTube Apr 2009 - 2 min - Uploaded by dogwoofStream the full film by visiting Dogwoof TV at blossoms. You can also make ...
I hope this link for the trailer will work.. it is a film with sadness but beautiful.
If you like Hollywood big films you won't find this to your taste.

Tuesday 17 July 2012

Yesterday on someone's  recommendation I got a DVD from the library.
But it was in German with English sub-titles (No it wasn't naughty!) A sweet little story about an aging married couple.. anyway I digress. How can you cross stitch and watch sub-titles. I couldn't so decided to crochet this little crochet hook holder.
It came from the book in the photo and was quite easy to do.

The lining I tacked and sewed at 11pm I wanted it finished. This morning I hand sewed it on to the crochet back and ta-da a crochet hook holder!


Sunday 15 July 2012

A little Pennie Pocket.

I have wanted to make one of these for an age and I just couldn't understand the intructions. Then I found some step by step instructions with pictures to explain.
And here it is a Pennie Pocket by Monica Solorio-Snow.(Sorry can't find the link)I can see me making more of these now I know how to!

I can't make up my mind what I shall put in it, chocs, sweets, sewing bits, pencils or what ever.
A super afternoon playing sewing! Now I have to pick up the pins and sweep up the cottons, arg!!
 I need a craft room! Yeh!

Happy Days.
Chris xx

PS We have had a beautiful day today and it's St Swithins day so are we now going to get 40 days of sun???LOL

Saturday 7 July 2012

I saw the Flame!!

Yesterday in Basildon we went to see the torch bearer, Holly Worthington and the Olympic Flame.
There were hundreds of people there but we managed to get a good kerb side view and doesn't she look fantastic?

I had to have a flag, yes there were men there selling them, but you can't go to something like this without one!

Wonderful to see so many people shouting and waving their flags too!
A day to remember.
We couldn't get tickets for the Olympics but we did for the Para-Olympics.
We have tickets for the swimming, cycling, athletics with medal ceremonies and the closing ceremony.
So we were delighted to get them.. it is a once in  a lifetime experience!
Yesterday was an amazing day and we aren't even there yet!
Chris xx

Monday 2 July 2012

WIPOCALYSE for July and Giveaway

Progress on my Celtic Lady 'Summer' has been good, I like stitching this as the fabric is so soft. Bought from Polstitches, it's 28C Jobelan hand dyed Silver Sage.   I have completed all the beading on the left hand side. So not a lot more to do, wo-hooo a finish is near!
And I have stitched quite a bit on my Rosewood Manor 'Quakers and Quilts,'  it's an easy stitch too.

And this little ornie is 'Heart Tree' by JWB, it was for June but because we were away on holiday only just posted it. Having stitched it at the beginning of the month, I had put it to one side and failed to get it made up till today. It looks a bit small but I have another to do , different design and shall have one hanging from the other.
And with a bit of post holiday blues I had to have a new start and this is it, the first of 14 charts all making up 'Anniversaries of the Heart' by Blackbird Designs.
You can't really see it properly as it is ecru type colour on the hand dyed 32C Belfast, colour Country Mocha from Anita's Little Stitches.
I needed a new start, I really did..... although I have been blog hopping and saw all the lovely crocheting going on so I might do something with my hook this month!!

I haven't done anything on my Chatelaine design, as the frogs saw more of it than I did last month!! LOL
 But I have solved the problem of not seeing the chart clearly.
The original document was on our old computer but my clever DH had saved all saved stuff on his extra memory device.. he found the chart. So there it was, our problem was it was pass word protected and could I remember it???? We spent a morning trying all manner of words, then I had a 'light bulb' moment.. what would Martina, the designer have given me as a pass word? Something I would always know? My name? No! My email addy? YES!!  So enlarged on screen with adobe it is so clear, so next time I stitch it will be from my laptop screen!
I am a happy I might stitch that this month, maybe just a little as I still find it difficult to stitch!
I also am sewing a patchwork quilt for my GD's 18th so happily busy all the time.

Happy stitching all

I had to include these sweet peas, their perfume fills the house.
I grew them for DH, his favourite flower from seeds planted in February.
Happy Days all
Chris xx
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