Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Yesterday on someone's  recommendation I got a DVD from the library.
But it was in German with English sub-titles (No it wasn't naughty!) A sweet little story about an aging married couple.. anyway I digress. How can you cross stitch and watch sub-titles. I couldn't so decided to crochet this little crochet hook holder.
It came from the book in the photo and was quite easy to do.

The lining I tacked and sewed at 11pm I wanted it finished. This morning I hand sewed it on to the crochet back and ta-da a crochet hook holder!



Catherine said...

Very nice. Now do tell the name of the movie and if it was good!

Sue said...

Lovely crochet hook case Chris....x

Katya said...

Nice case,quick work too!
What was the name of the movie?

Kate said...

Great finish

Julie said...

I do like that, so useful, I could do with oner those.

Solstitches said...

That turned out so nice. I love the fabric you lined it with.
I have that book and it has some great projects in it.

Carla said...

Beautiful work Chris!