Monday 31 December 2018

So that was a small crafty 2018

 Socks for #2 GS.. A ripple throw to use some of my stash.
 Two pram blankets donated to my local charity shop, another effort to use up some of my stash.

 I really enjoyed knitting these so will make some more.
 A scarf/ shawl for myself I love this pattern.

 Fingerless gloves knitted from left over sock wool.
 I made 6 of these for our patio chairs, I 'd had the fabric for yonks!

9 Little Ferrero Rocher Christmas tree fairies for friends.
 And last but not least an elf for a little girl, who it seems loves him and takes him to bed!
And that was all the craft things I did in 2018, I will make a better effort in 2019; but I did read 100 books!!
A Happy and Healthy New Year to all and hope you will all achieve your dreams what ever they may be.


Sunday 30 December 2018

Blogland friends are amazing

I have received these amazing woven teacloths from Joanne Noragon.
They are beautiful and although I would think they'd work well as cloths, to me they are much too nice to use in such a way.

So I shall have them on an open shelf for all to see.

Thank you Joanne, a most unexpected gift. I feel honoured to have received such a wonderful woven cloth and I love the golden yellow colour.
Thank you again.


Friday 28 December 2018

Now it's over!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas time, we did with DH daughters here with their partners and 10 month old GS. 
And on Christmas day my #1DS too, so a house full.
But now it's all over we have the house to ourselves and the peace is lovely.
My lovely DH gave me the Attic24 Sweet Pea pack, yippee I 'll be starting her CAL beginning of January.
And my SD gave me this clock which goes outside, can't wait to see it up 
I feel spoilt for getting all the things I really love
Plus Books....Michelle Obama's book, plus 'How to Quilt as You Go.' The ' Ripple Patterns', book, I 've read this through umpteen times already! I want to make them all.  Nigella Lawsons 'Simply Nigella' and Kate Morton's 'The Clockmaker's Daughter' And some honey hand creams, and diary for all those dates we'd forget if I didn't have them written down. 
A truly lovely time although exhausting at times, we've both collapsed today and been happy to do nothing. 
How was your Christmas?


Thursday 20 December 2018

Today is my birthday

I can't believe I 'm the age I am, except my knees are creaky and I go up and down stairs one at a time! When did that happen???
So has your age overtaken you?


Wednesday 19 December 2018


This is an Alan Dart pattern knitted for some one I  know, whose  daughter said she wanted an elf.
It was a very fiddly knit and caused me some 'air clearing' moments!
But she loved it.

Back to my cardi knitting, much easier!


Sunday 16 December 2018

Christmas is coming.

Not a good photo but here is our stairs with the cross stitch ornaments  I did a few years ago. There are 12 I did one a month.

Quite difficult trying to get up the garlands as I can't lift my arm, but Dh managed to tie the bows with me instructing him.


Saturday 8 December 2018

From bits to .....a Christmas tree ornament.

Do you remember this?  Well it all turned out to these.
Each skirt holds a Ferrero Rocher They were quite fiddly to knit but very enjoyable. No good asking me for the pattern because apart from the head which was a Christmas pudding pattern found on line, I did the rest by 'guess'!! 
I saw something like this a while ago and looked online but couldn't find any.
If you could look closely you'd see the little over dresses are all slightly different, where I forgot what I had done on a previous one. 

This one is hanging on a garden tree because we haven't put up our own Christmas tree yet.
Hope Mr Postie doesn't squash them too much!

Have you made any Christmas pressies?

Tuesday 4 December 2018

For Ever and Ever!!

Like a lot of quilters I have a lot of fabric.. some scraps from quilts I‘ve made and fabric I ‘ve bought and never used. I thought this would be the ideal pattern to use up my stash.  It is called ‘Long Time Gone,’ by Jen Kingswell I intend to do it at the sewing class I’ve joined and start it in the new year. Have you any long Term plans for 2019?