Friday, 28 December 2018

Now it's over!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas time, we did with DH daughters here with their partners and 10 month old GS. 
And on Christmas day my #1DS too, so a house full.
But now it's all over we have the house to ourselves and the peace is lovely.
My lovely DH gave me the Attic24 Sweet Pea pack, yippee I 'll be starting her CAL beginning of January.
And my SD gave me this clock which goes outside, can't wait to see it up 
I feel spoilt for getting all the things I really love
Plus Books....Michelle Obama's book, plus 'How to Quilt as You Go.' The ' Ripple Patterns', book, I 've read this through umpteen times already! I want to make them all.  Nigella Lawsons 'Simply Nigella' and Kate Morton's 'The Clockmaker's Daughter' And some honey hand creams, and diary for all those dates we'd forget if I didn't have them written down. 
A truly lovely time although exhausting at times, we've both collapsed today and been happy to do nothing. 
How was your Christmas?



hazel c UK said...

I am so pleased you and a good holiday with some nice presents. I have got the Sweet Pea wool and looking so pleased to see it started.
Happy New Year Chris.
Hazel c uk

Vickie said...

I am happy to hear you had a wonderful Christmas Chris! We did as well. I hope you have a lovely, restful weekend. Happy New Year!

Julie said...

Lots of lovely gifts. The sweet pea crochet-a-long looks very interesting, I d like the colours in that pack.
I'll be interested to see what you think to the Clockmakers Daughter, I've enjoyed other Kate Morton books in the past.
love to you both x

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

You received a good selection of gifts.