Saturday 25 May 2013

Saturday evening after an afternoon of gardening

What is nicer than a BBQ after a heavy stint of gardening??
DH had been very busy when I was out this morning at my sewing group.. he went out and bought this BBQ so of course he had to try it out?
Did I stop him ??? Oh no, I say and waited to be waited on!

We had a very delicious meal of steak, baked potato and salad.. I ate olives and drank home made wine while he played with the new BBQ!
Happy Days!

It must be love!! LOL

Chris xx

Monday 13 May 2013

Anniversaries of the Heart and Cup cake.

Voila! I have finished another one of my Blackbird Anniversaries of the Heart.
This one has my eldest son's date of birth and his initials.
I am very pleased with it especially as some of the floss wasn't the set colours but I just matched up the colours.. this because I have a lot of Cresent Colours and Weeks Dye Works that I bought ages ago.
So I now have all three sons completed and next one will be with my daughter's name and dates.
I am doing these in family groups, so this one will be my four children.
And this is my cup cake pin cushion. I used some pretty pink colours and bows.
I have seen them with beads dangling but I thought enough is enough!
I finished it off with a Suffolk puff  ( yoyo ) and a pearly button.
It was a very pleasent afternoon sewing.
Hope you too have had enjoyment from some nice things to make.
My next project is going to be some crochet work.
             Chris xx

Monday 6 May 2013

A super weekend

We have had a super weekend as my DS and DIL have stayed here as they were picking up her son from Heathrow this morning. This is his first trip home from Australia where he went to a new job three months ago.
We have thoroughly enjoyed their company. DH and DS chatted about 'men' things which my hubby loved.
We all sat out in the garden and my DIL was very impressed and has taken some ideas home for their garden.
Aren't these double tulips beautiful?  When they first flowered they were a lime cream colour and as they have grown they have developed into this lovely cream colour.
And this auricular was just one or two flowers last year but this year with some tender care and feeding they have burgeon into this beautiful clump!
Today we are relaxing and enjoying sitting around, maybe a walk later in the meadow, which is just up the way for us, to see the bluebells.

Hope your day is a good one too.

Chris xx

Friday 3 May 2013

Now why did I make these? ( +Some cross stitch progress)

I don't
need them and probably won't use them but I so loved making them!
Knitted cotton face cloths.
I often get make up on my face cloths, so these are too pretty to spoil with black streaks, but they are lovely and soft.
The mauve one was knitted from the corner.
Here is the pattern I did.
Cast on 4 stitches
Row 1. k 2, yon, k2 (5 sts)
Row 2. K
Row 3. K2, yon, K1, yon, k2 (7sts)
Row 4. K
Row 5 K2.yon,k3, yon,k2 (9sts)
Row 6 K
Carry on like this increasing 2 sts on each row until you have knitted as much as you want.
Then reverse the process.
Knit 2 yon sl 1, k1. p sl s o, k to last 4 stitches cast off 2 and yon k2
next row k3 cast off 1 (by slipping a st and passing it over the next k st) k to last 5 sts,
cast off 2 and knit 3
Till you only have 4 stitches left.
Cast off
I did a row of  hd crochet and then a picot stitch in two colours
The other two are knitted in waffle stitch
Cast on 53
K first 3 rows in seed stitch
Row 1 seed stitch 3, then k to last three seed st 3
Row 2. Seed stitch 3, p to last 3 stitches, seed stitch 3
Row 3. Seed stitch 3, p2, k1, repeat to last 3, seed stitch 3
Row 4. Seed st 3, k2, p1, repeat to last 3, seed stitch 3
These 4 rows form the pattern.
Knit in pattern  as much as you want then finish with 3 rows of seed stitch.
A pretty and easy pattern
I used Dk cotton and size 8 needles (Old measurement I don't know the new)
( Seed st is k1, p1, k1, p1 across row, then next row p1, k1, p1 and so on)
And some cross stitch progress.
My Welcome Cat.
I have got to the cat and all the colour changes are not proving easy, but I like this so shall carry on
And some progress on my Chatelaine.
Convent's Herbal Garden
I will finish this altho' some of the speciality stitches needed a practice before I attempted them on the fabric, but I thought this is mine so what I do will be fine!
I have decided this is a more winter stitching project so it will be put in the bottom of my basket till the summer is over!

Happy Days, the sun has been glorious here the last few days and we have sat in the garden for breakfast. This morning we were serenaded by a wren, such a tiny little bird but such a sweet song.
We watched the blue tits flying to and fro so we guess the eggs have hatched and the little ones are keeping them busy. They can lay between 7 and 15 eggs!! Cor!! Fancy having 15 kids all at a time !!LOL

Keep calm and keep crafting, and pop a prayer in between those stitches!
Chris xx