Wednesday 19 April 2023

Will you or won't you??

 Are you like me fed up of seeing posts about Megan and Harry and the Coronation? So who will watch it?

If someone wrote a book that named me and my family as not being very nice and I had a party planned, I'd probably not invite them.

Megan and Harry decided they wanted their own lives and weren't happy with the press coverage, but it seems to me they have done everything they can to stay in the public eye.

So who cares what happens to them? The vast number of people in this country living below the poverty line, using food banks, worried how they can afford their energy bill and how their children can eat healthily, do they care? I think not!

Megan and Harry are now winging whether their children will have Prince and Princess status. These Royals have no idea how the every day person lives and don't care. OK so they shake a few hands and smile but the world has vastly changed, and today the modern young person doesn't have the same respect for the Royals as did past generations.

Truth be told I don't think I do any more either.. so will I watch the Coronation? Probably just the high lights on the news and hopefully if its a sunny day, we'll enjoy working in our garden, and sitting enjoying a cuppa in the sun.

What will you do?


Sunday 16 April 2023

Life changing on the 14th April

April 14th 2015. was the anniversary of the day when my life totally changed. I tripped, put out my hand to break my fall and ....... I fractured my right humerus. I remember looking at it at the time, amazed that when I went to move it, it didn't respond and at the time it didn't hurt.

Simple broken arm??? Yes? but no.. I didn't have a plate and screw repair because the Trauma surgeon on Duty in the hospital, where I was taken  that night, didn't do that, because he believed it would heal by itself. It didn't and it hasn't. 

2016 Two operations the following year with a different surgeon, failed.  I was in a lot of pain and fed up that I couldn't use my arm, my dominate arm. I needed my Dh to help me to dress. 

I went to see my own GP in tears. He was so nice, and advised me to get a second opinion and insist on an app. at The Royal Orthopedic Hospital,  London. The untreated fracture and unused arm meant my muscle had weakened and it had slipped out of my shoulder socket. 2017 I had  bone insertion and a complete shoulder replacement, twice. The first one failed so I had two 6 hour ops. Dh stayed in a hotel each time, one in September and one in November, while I was in hospital and came in each day for the four days. He brought me decaff tea from the Costa shop there!

I've known a lot of pain and my life has changed completely. I don't have full use of my arm. I can't drive, I struggle to cook, so don't, I take ages to dress, I find anything where I have to lift my arm up to use it, very painful. I do a little gardening, but can't dig; I can sew but slowly, crocheting for a short period of time is ok. but knitting is a no no. I could go on and on about where my life has changed and I won't pretend I don't have really down days even now 8 years later, the frustration of not  being able to do the simplest of things is depressing.

But Dh helps me and today we've spent the afternoon in the garden. I was able to do a little weeding, easy here as the soil is sandy. I then supervised Dh while he finished the rest and then he took photos of our pots. Some half price bulbs we planted late, such a joy to see. So I do have blessings and still love to look at my garden.

It has given me a real boost to be outside and these flowers fill my heart with such a joy. I can do somethings that I couldn't do a year ago and I keep trying to do something more all the time.
I have to use a walker ( rollator) walking outside, because I am paranoid about tripping again, but on flat surfaces I can speed along. We have a builder booked to lay a new patio in a couple of weeks time, so that's another blessing.

Monday 3 April 2023

Vitamins or big girl pants??


I hope this is true because I don't seem to be able to 'pull myself together.' I've lost my 'zip' and don't really want to do anything. I can spend hours staring into space and then realise I've lost an hour.
I got hooked on the TV programme 'Race Across the World,' And watched it for hours! Why?  I never used to watch TV or at least hardly at all. But these days I switch on when I get up! I am at a loss; is it an age thing, have I reached the age when slowing down is 'stop?'
I used to be able to get out of bed and shower right away, then I started to shower after that first cup of tea, then I progressed to after breakfast during lockdown. As my friend said, 'no point rushing, nothing to rush for.' 
These last few weeks I've showered after all that and after I've looked at my emails and our morning cup of coffee, the only caffeine drink I have. There was a time, if I had a spare 10 minutes I would start something, but lately I've thought with only 10 minutes, its not worth starting anything now.
It took me ages on Saturday to sow some tomato and flower seeds, then clearing up afterwards I felt like chucking the spare pots and seeds left over, because it seemed too big a job to do. I didn't because Dh helped. 
I eat a healthy well balanced diet, and believe that taking added vitamins produces expensive 'pee', so that's not for me. But perhaps I do need that mixture that used to be advertised to 'fortify the over forties?' Or is it just  a kick up the backside I need? I know I'm getting on, and not twenty something anymore, but I would like to be a bit more active. I try to walk on each day, if its fine; rain does not agree with my arthritis and so I avoid getting wet.
Any advise is welcome, but climbing mountains is not something I can do. What do you do to get that 'zip' back?