Saturday 28 January 2012

Woo-hoo look what I won!

It so pretty.. It was such a surprise to win... thank you Nancy of

I can't wait to sew it myself.. this is the finished needle book. My camera batteries are dead so I can't take a photo of the kit.
What a great start to my year.
Happy Days

Chris xx

Sunday 22 January 2012

Christmas ornie and a small...

This was a freebie from and altho' this may not be there now as it was a while ago when I got it, she has plenty more and all very pretty.. this is for the Monthly ornie challenge. I intend to stitch all Christmas ones as I saw how some one had decorated her stair rail with greenery and all stitched ornies so I would love to do something similar.
It is stitched on 28c Even weave with DMC 321 and is hanging on our Christmas tree which is in a pot and hopefully will be our tree for 2012!

 And this my first small of 2012 and part of my challenge to myself to stitched the charts I have as well my WIPs in 2012!! It is stitched on 32c Belfast linen antique white with the recommended DMC threads. Its Shepherd Bush 'The Arbour.' It appealed to me as it is so delicate looking. I did change the stitching between each row.
I am now continuing my WIPs.. I can see a finish before the end of January!!
Happy Stitching all

Chris xx

Sunday 15 January 2012

My first star block

I had a super saturday although to a certain extent it was 'brain aching!!' LOL I went to a patchwork/ quilting class. I did go to a few last year and then with moving and settling in etc I couldn't fit it in. But yesterday  I made the effort.'Brain aching???' You may ask why? Because I have made cushions covers, two throws for our little consevatory settee and a bed quilt with squares, rectangles and simple triangles, in the last two years, but now I feel  I am ready to do something more difficult.. and here it is. This is done as a sample and I need I practise some more.

If  you are not a quilter you might think this looks good, but I haven't left enough fabric at the points, so if I was to sew  more around I would lose the points. But it was a try, which took me 3 hours plus!! The class was only 2 hours so I came home and finished it. The pointy bits are called 'Flying Geese' and I am confident that with practice I will improve, I will, I will!! LOL
Whatever,  I did enjoy the class and the woman who teaches it was very helpful. I am looking forward to next week.
Happy days!

Chris xx

Wednesday 11 January 2012

A win!!

Isn't  it just so pretty I am thrilled to have won this. Thank you Nancy
Do have  a peep at her blog she is always having givaways.. but as well as that her HDF is beautiful.
What I love about her threads is, that you can have a range of all one colour, so pale colours through to a darker shades. They are amazing.
I can't wait to start this, hurray up Mr Postie!

And this is our cutie Nell fast asleep on her blanket with her head on the little pillow we gave her for Christmas.
She is such a sweetie and a lovely dog, three years old this coming year in March but still loves to play.
This morning as I was in the garden pegging out our washing and checking my bulbs. as I walked back and fro, she was following me with her ball. Each time I stopped she dropped the ball at my feet for me to throw it. She loves playing 'fetch!'
Happy Stitching all
Chris xx

Monday 9 January 2012

WIPocalyse and BAP progress

This is The Arbour by Shepherds Bush. A small that should have taken no time at all.. I say should have but I didn't like the rows between each section so I chose to stitch different stitches.
I had a few tries on some scap linen to see the effect, hence why it took longer. But I am pleased with the results. Its very pretty and delicate looking and should be finished this coming week.

And this is my BAP Rosewood Manor Quakers and Quilts. This is going to be my year long project but I have several bigger designs to stitch as well.....
So the sooner I have posted this, the sooner I can get back to my stitching!!

Happy Stitching all
Chris xx

Tuesday 3 January 2012

BAP Challenge

Becky is hosting  a BAP...Whats that you may say? Well to be honest I don't actually know what the initials stand for but what you must do is start a design which must be at least 12x 10 inches and finish it by 31st December 2012... here's the link As I am already stitching designs for my WIPocalyse I have chosed Rosewood Manor's 'Quakers and Quilts' for this challenge.

There is even a $100 prize draw for finished pieces!

Happy Stitching all

Chris xx

Monday 2 January 2012


I always feel quite virtuous when I see some stitchers have more than 10 WIPs as I really only have these three! Celtic Lady Summer... still to finish stitching and loads of beads!

  Chatelaine Convent's Herbal Garden.. only just started and I made a mistake and cast it to one side..
Fortunately having enlarged this photo I can see the mistake and it is easily rectafied so this will be back in my rota.

This Bothy Threads was an impluse buy and why?? I don't know.. I only need to do the back stitching and some beads so this is going to be my January finish!
However I think this year will put me in the ranks of more than 10 wips.. hey ho.. what else is life about except to do the things you love..
And these are the charts I really want to stitch.
This first one was a swap with Gaynor.
I so love it so must do this one this year!
A little one in between bigger designs. Shepherd Bush's 'The Arbour'

And as I stitched Rosewood Manor's Spring Quaker last year.. this is a must for 2012.
Its called 'Quakers and Quilts'
And I love it. I have it all kitted up ready to go.
With 32C Cream Belfast linen and the recommended Valdani floss.
Ohhh can't wait to start this!
This is so pretty gifted to me by Elisa.
I hope I can stitch it as well as she did..It's Down Sunshine Lane
'Pastel Hearts' Needle Roll

And these are so cute. I have wanted to stitch these so an age..
Valarie Pfeiffer's 'Sitting Pretty'
These would perfect as a birthday present for someone I know who is a 'twitcher!!'

And I thought each one of these motifs could be stitched between bigger designs. It's
Just Nan's Floral Fifteen biscornu.
Gifted to me by Julie.
Hers was wonderful

As well as these I have kitted up and which costed a lot more than I am willing to admit to,
BB's Anniversaries Of The Heart.
This is just the first one, there are 12!!

I think all these are going to keep me busy right up till 2015!!
Happy Stitching all in 2012..

                                                  Chris xx
Find out about the WIPocalyse here