Sunday, 15 January 2012

My first star block

I had a super saturday although to a certain extent it was 'brain aching!!' LOL I went to a patchwork/ quilting class. I did go to a few last year and then with moving and settling in etc I couldn't fit it in. But yesterday  I made the effort.'Brain aching???' You may ask why? Because I have made cushions covers, two throws for our little consevatory settee and a bed quilt with squares, rectangles and simple triangles, in the last two years, but now I feel  I am ready to do something more difficult.. and here it is. This is done as a sample and I need I practise some more.

If  you are not a quilter you might think this looks good, but I haven't left enough fabric at the points, so if I was to sew  more around I would lose the points. But it was a try, which took me 3 hours plus!! The class was only 2 hours so I came home and finished it. The pointy bits are called 'Flying Geese' and I am confident that with practice I will improve, I will, I will!! LOL
Whatever,  I did enjoy the class and the woman who teaches it was very helpful. I am looking forward to next week.
Happy days!

Chris xx


Unknown said...

Yes it does look good to me!!
Every quilter has to start somewhere!!

Sarah said...

Looks really good for a first try, I'm sure you'll get better with practice!

Carol said...

It looks lovely to me but I can see what you mean about the material around the edge. Perhaps you can stitch it to a larger piece, frame it and make it into some "wall art". A nice memento of where you started when you are working on your quilts in the future.
Carol xx

Elisa said...

Looking fab Chris, quilts is on my ever growing new crafts to try/do list lol x

Julie said...

Looks fabulous for a first attempt at the points.
Quilting is something I have never tried.

Joysze said...

That's beautiful, Chris. Love the colors and the flowers in it.

Anonymous said...

looks good Chris . for ur first one. keep at it and you will be a pro for sure.......... love Marge