Wednesday 25 March 2009

Chocolates and Apples!

This is the beautiful hanging that Michelle made me for the food theme in Exchange Heaven. The stitching is perfect and just look at the apple fabric isn't gorgeous.. I love it and it is hanging in our conservatory which is my little room!

This was my effort for Sue. I actually covered a tin.. It wasn't as difficult as I thought although I think I should have used a hot glue gun to attach the stitched piece to the top.. but as the backing was card double sided tape worked.

And of course I could hardly send it without chocs inside!!

Sunday 22 March 2009

Out of the naughty corner

I have worked solidly on this for three evenings and although this green cat is not completely finished I have given in... I got so fed up of all the different greens and even with keeping needles threaded with each colour it is so tedious! Anyway doing this much I can crawl out of the naughty corner and pack it away for a week (at least) I have down loaded my Chatelaine and realise I will have to get a larger copy of each page or I will have squinty eyes in no time!
My floss has arrived from Victoian Motto Sampler Shoppe for a new start on my BP sal, so I will sort that out tomorrow some time.. forcast is for rain so a day in stitching will be the order of the day!And I have my Home of a Needleworker all set up and ready to start.. I am looking forward to stitching that as it will be for me!

Tuesday 17 March 2009

A brilliant time and met friends old and new

This is what I part stitched on saturday at Clare's get together at Nuneaton. I didn't actually do a lot of stitching there, too busy chatting and getting to know lovely stitchers whom I only knew by name and on blogs, so I'll say here lovely to meet you Clare and Hazel and everyone else too. Thank you Clare for organising it..The stitching on show was fantasic and has spurred me on to do some bigger pieces of work; Today I have ordered a Blue Ribbon design some thing I have thought about for a while and a design from Chatelmaine not sure how to spell that! But Kathy had work there by that designer and I just loved it. I have bought the Convent Herbal Garden... so I think I will not have time for all the exchanges I do at the moment as the gardening season has started too.. but there is always the winter for stitching. Next year I'll stay home and stitch!

This is the beautiful fabric made box (by Clare's Mum) that I won in the raffle.. its just gorgeous and has pride of place on our side board so it can be seen by all when they come in.

And this cyclamen was the most beautiful sight in our conservatory when we came home last wednesday and the scent fills the room, it is so beautiful; I bought it last year for a knock down price as it was past its best and when it finished flowering I stuck it under the stairs to dry out, brought it out in January before we went, watered and fed it and look at it now... the wonder of nature!
It might seem strange to post this photo now but my camera needed batteries when we got home!

Friday 13 March 2009

Some finishes

This is the mattress pin cushion I did for the Year Long Prairie Schooler exchange for Stephanie

The back

And the sides

This was my first attempt at a mattress finish and I am rather pleased with it! I did the little scissor fob to match the PS design.

This is what I did to take to Australia for my friend Jennie... I took the photo very hurriedly when I was packing it and against the wall in Emily's room doesn't do it justice!

This was my PS from Donna... and I love it, so beautifully stitched and finished

And just look at the back, isn't the fabric beautiful and compliments the colours of the front so well.

Thursday 12 March 2009

Home Sweet Home!

This is Annie and me in Sydney, we met up for a meal... don't we scrub up well!
Annie is in my ladies group, so now I have met quite a few of the group, but Annie is the first in Australia.. our hubbies chatted away too!

Mike and I were in bed sleeping just before 9 we would have gone earlier but Emily phoned. I just said I’d talk this evening as I was just too tired to talk and had a headache!
Anyway consequently we are up at 5, I was up at 4! But at least we are back to the right day and not in Oz time!
The whole trip was wonderful and meeting people was awesome! There were about 80 plus people at the family gathering at Queenscliff and Keen who found me through Genes Reunited presented me with a folder which had 398 relatives all related to me, it even had what each relationship was! We had met Coral and Lance two weeks previously along the Great Ocean Rd as they lived about 30 miles from where we were staying and came with picnic baskets in tow! I loved Coral, she is just a couple of years younger than me and was such a lovely person. She had records of our letters and I was surprised to learn we had been writing for 8 years! I would have loved to have had more time with her, she had brought her scrapbooking pages for each of her 11 grand children and they were wonderful. How I wish I had more time to do all these things. I came home with 4 patch working and quilting magazines and fabric and loads of tips from my friend Jenny! I am going to organise my days better, spend less time on this butt magnet and get up and GO to do all these things! As well as do the garden, as after last years inactivity I have lots of new ideas for it. The tete a tete little daffs are all flowering, some in my plant grave yard! ( its where I throw pots of failed plants!) So it was lovely to come home to Spring sunshine, daffs, primroses and polyanthas all flowering in the garden, not so bad as we thought it might be. And the house as we walked in looked wonderful, worth leaving it tidy!
I loved Melbourne the best!
But the Dandenongs where we stayed with Linda and Idris were beautiful and the setting where their home is was wow! As soon as I get organised I’ll post some photos so you can see some aspects of our visit.
We have both put on a considerable amount of weight so I am off to SW this morning!

‘Its so nice to go travelling, but it’s oh so nice to be home!!'