Friday, 13 March 2009

Some finishes

This is the mattress pin cushion I did for the Year Long Prairie Schooler exchange for Stephanie

The back

And the sides

This was my first attempt at a mattress finish and I am rather pleased with it! I did the little scissor fob to match the PS design.

This is what I did to take to Australia for my friend Jennie... I took the photo very hurriedly when I was packing it and against the wall in Emily's room doesn't do it justice!

This was my PS from Donna... and I love it, so beautifully stitched and finished

And just look at the back, isn't the fabric beautiful and compliments the colours of the front so well.


Kathy A. said...

That is a very beautiful mattress pincushion you made. How lucky for the recipient. The pincushion you received is also very lovely

Julie said...

Stunning PS stitching both sent and received.

Carly said...

i like your art work i love to do stuff like that. i spin on the wheel, paint, paper making, sweing, jewlery, aot more i just wanted to say that you are really good at what u do