Monday 23 April 2018

Will I won't I??

I think I may have bought too much of this 'Worn and Washed' fabric. With it came this idea to sew into strips, which is good for me  as I still struggle to cut the fabric with my duff arm.

  But I am going to try... with the fabric left over I am going to make a hexie quilt. It will be a long term project that I'll do when I feel like tacking a hexie!
But don't hold your breath as I think with everything else I am doing it will be while before there is any progress. I am also trying to do some of my cross stitch, which was always my first love.

Have you any long term plans?.. All these plans because I am making arm progress at last, April 14th was the 3 yr anniversary of when I broke my arm!!


Monday 16 April 2018


This is a thank you to those peeps who have left comments for me even though I have hardly posted anything for an age and then only the same ripple throw.. but I do not accept anonymous comments so please give a link if you want your comment to be published.

Sunday 8 April 2018

Ripple growing

I have ripped this back so many times, but at last I am happy with my colour choice. I am repeating the 18 rows but may do more to make it a decent size.. after all the objective is to use up my stash of yarn! And crocheting keeps me from thinking about food in the evenings!
I haven't done any other craft work although my arm is improving with the physio exercises, slowly, very slowly!
It's been an age since I have posted but time goes on and because we are retired we go out quite often and have just had a week in Wales.