Monday 28 September 2015

Did you see it?

I woke at 1:30am and woke DH and we stayed up to see the eclipse and the red moon; beautiful clear skies and not a bit cold. We opened the bedroom window wide as the double glazing was giving us a double moon!!  DH went down stairs to go outside on the front lawn with his binoculars and camera.  We watched as the earth's shadow gradually crept across the moon.
It took 90mins!
Here is one of the photographs that DH took as it was happening.
 This is a professional photograph, DH camera wouldn't give as clear a picture.
We went back to bed just after 3! Well it won't happen again till 2033 and even if I will be still alive I guess at 91 I will be happy to stay in a warm comfy bed!!
I think I will be having a nanny nap this afternoon, but it was worth it.
Yawning already!
Chris xx

Sunday 27 September 2015

Ah!!... Just what we needed

We have had a lovely break away in Southwold.. sun most of the time, only had rain at night or early morning. The only time I used my umbrella was when I was sitting on a bench and the sun was too hot!! Got up last Friday morning to brilliant sunshine, so did our walk to the sea front the long way round,  so I could have my daily 30 mins walk plus!! I did more than that,  because we then wandered back through the town and popped into those shops we had promised ourselves we would. We had cakes out side the kitchen shop,  as it was the Macmillan's coffee morning and Nell nearly had a creamy cup cake because the lady dropped one on the ground!! LOL They had dog biscuits ready for your dog! Then we sat in the middle  of the high street on a bench in the shade with a take away Costa coffee,  as it was too hot in the sun!
We got back to the cottage middle of the afternoon, and decided to come home that evening so we could have all Saturday at home as the weather was supposed to be good and we had promised ourselves to get the garden a bit more sorted,.. we stopped off at Waitrose for a cooked chicken, coleslaw  and some salad bits and full fat yogurt, the last treats of our holiday!! (we like to live dangerously LOL)

Super cottage, only minutes from the town.. I ate all sorts of naughty things, so dreaded weighing and yes I have put on 3 pounds but we're back on track already. I liked to go back there for a another holiday, such a lovely little town.
My physio app. has come thro' at last, it's next Friday, so hope they are not too fierce as my arm is still very tender. I used to call them physio-terrorists after my knee op.LOL
These pretty beach huts sell for around £175,000!!  Can you believe that!!

 Hope you all have had a break away too and had sunny shiny days like us. Thank you for all the comments on my happiness post, this week away has almost got me back to my happy go lucky ways! And yes I had a few of these!
 Be happy.....


Friday 18 September 2015

Five on Friday... Happiness!

So many things make me happy and I have so many blessings.  Here are just five as I join with Amy on 'Five on Friday.'
Wednesday here was a very, very wet day, it was real weather for ducks!
 We were in town by 9:30 as I had a nail appointment, both pedicure and manicure so wasn't finished until nearly 11. My nails looked lovely, a deep crimson colour. I love them!  I was smiling and my nails flashed red as I walked along.
Then I went to the library as I had to see the librarian about the book group I run,  and the books I ordered for myself were in... yeh!! My happiest times have been when I have been inside a book. I can't wait to start reading....'The Paying Guests,' by Sarah Waters, 'Stranded,' by Emily Barr (one of my favourite authors) and 'My Sister's Secret,' by Tracy Buchan. Then on our way back thro' the town I stopped at one of the charity shops as they had books for 25p, I bought three.....what bliss.. lots of reading, how could I not buy books for only 25p!!

 .......and then in the shop, I saw a tote bag which was a Kate Spade New York!! It was £8.50 and brand new, never been used by the look of it, white  patent with seagulls on it in navy, just the sort of bag for a sea side holiday and I looked it up on line when we got home, they sell for £165 !!!! Wow I felt I had won the lottery!
Isn't absolutely gorgeous? We wore our new macs and mine is lovely, kept me dry altho' having bought that bag I wouldn't noticed the rain as I was so happy!!

And even with my broken arm, I‘ve done some sewing. DS#1's girl friend had asked me to make some cushions, using some old curtains, two days before I broke my arm!!   I did manage to sew, last week,  but it was a struggle because I can't lift my right hand up unaided, but I did them and feel I did my arm good because I had to stretch it forward,  which is one of my exercises. I couldn't match the stripes back and front as I had to cut out the material from the curtains that had rust marks on them, so was limited, but they look good and I inserted a zip in each one for removal for washing, so I was pleased. But I won't be sewing proper for a while, it was too hard and painful.  The cushions were a great success especially the zip inserted so you can’t see it, so now her mother has asked will I make some for her, but not till after Christmas as she has bought a new static holiday home in Norfolk and wants them for that, praise indeed. Although if you sew, you'll know cushions are pretty simple to make!          



And I can crochet!! wow such excitement when I realised I could. First time in 20 weeks. I am doing a stash buster item, I shall reveal it when it is done. Although you can see it is shaped so I wonder if anyone can guess what I am making?
So yes I am feeling much better. There is still lots of things I still can't do but my greatest bliss since my last hospital appointment is I can remove the brace to have a proper shower. It took me three days to get up the courage to take it off: but oh the shower was wonderful, first proper one for 22 weeks!! I felt I had turned the corner and I felt so invigorated I cleaned the kitchen and it gleamed. I sang the whole time wiping around (still left handed) And I felt normal, thank the Lord, my arm is healing. Thank you again for all your get well wishes and prayers, and all the comments, they brighten up my days. I think I've got my 'fiz' back!