Tuesday, 17 March 2009

A brilliant time and met friends old and new

This is what I part stitched on saturday at Clare's get together at Nuneaton. I didn't actually do a lot of stitching there, too busy chatting and getting to know lovely stitchers whom I only knew by name and on blogs, so I'll say here lovely to meet you Clare and Hazel and everyone else too. Thank you Clare for organising it..The stitching on show was fantasic and has spurred me on to do some bigger pieces of work; Today I have ordered a Blue Ribbon design some thing I have thought about for a while and a design from Chatelmaine not sure how to spell that! But Kathy had work there by that designer and I just loved it. I have bought the Convent Herbal Garden... so I think I will not have time for all the exchanges I do at the moment as the gardening season has started too.. but there is always the winter for stitching. Next year I'll stay home and stitch!

This is the beautiful fabric made box (by Clare's Mum) that I won in the raffle.. its just gorgeous and has pride of place on our side board so it can be seen by all when they come in.

And this cyclamen was the most beautiful sight in our conservatory when we came home last wednesday and the scent fills the room, it is so beautiful; I bought it last year for a knock down price as it was past its best and when it finished flowering I stuck it under the stairs to dry out, brought it out in January before we went, watered and fed it and look at it now... the wonder of nature!
It might seem strange to post this photo now but my camera needed batteries when we got home!


Michelle said...

Glad you had such a lovely time - your photos are lovely.
Love Michelle x

stitchersanon said...

ounds like you had a great time...I know what you mean about the gardening season..it is all go at the mo isnt it ;-)

Clare-Aimetu said...

Glad you enjoyed it Chris - looking forward to meeting again next time

Julie said...

Nice little finish, super box too.