Thursday, 20 September 2018

What to do???

For the last three weeks I have been busy knitting this jumper
I 've knitted a big size as I am big and I wanted it lose. It's knitted in the round from the bottom up and here I am where you join on the sleeves. I 've watched several 'U tubes' on how to do this and am confident I know what to do, but.... I 'm not happy with it so shall I undo what I 've done and make it a cardi instead??

Yes, the key is I don't like the fit. I have threaded some of the stitches onto waste yarn and tried it on and it looks like a baggy horizontal striped jumper on a fat lady!! Also if it was a cardi I would start each row at the front edge; in the round the change of coloured wool shows as a row below and I wasn't happy with that.. so out it all must come and I will start again. Watch this space for a cardi in about 4 weeks time, or longer!
Has anyone else undone so much knitting to start again?

And a thank you for all the comments for my scarf/shawl, I can't wait to wear it.


Julie said...

If I was unhappy with it Chris, I would have to undo it, no point continuing if you are not going to wear it. I'll look forward to seeing a cardigan version.
One of the ladies at my knit group undid a long length jacket both back and 2 fronts before she was happy with the fit

Joanne Noragon said...

You'll be happier starting over, and we all have!

mamasmercantile said...

What a shame but if you don't like it, you will never wear it so it would become a complete waste. I have done it myself on more than one occasion.

Maggie said...

I have a knitting project like your jumper, mine is a cardigan and it is way too big. Not sure if I will rip it back or try and make a cushion out of it.
for now it's stuffed in the bag of shame

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

I think I would find it disheartening to undo all that knitting. However, if you don't like the fit it will never be worn so I think you are right to undo the jumper and make a cardigan. Looking forward to seeing the revised project.

Madeleine said...

If it wasn't a wool/ alpaca blend, I'd suggest that you steek it, but alpaca is too slippery to steek, really. So I hope you've ripped it out to start again. Think of it as getting to enjoy the yarn twice!

Winifred said...

Well as everyone said no point in keeping it if you aren't happy. Cardigans are more useful I always think.

Yes I'm in the process of knitting a lace shawl. I have pulled out quite a lot of it but I keep going back to it knitting a few rows taking a couple back as I have made a mistake somewhere & I can't live with them. I really should pull the lot out but I do love the design & I hate to let a pattern beat me. This might be one that does as there's nearly 400 stitches on the rows at the moment.