Thursday, 9 July 2009

Only some stitching but look at what I have grown! And Nell has grown too!

A little bit done to my 'Cats' sampler but I have found it hard to stitch this this week, I just didn't want to, basically as it is those three cat heads in all blends of greys, light beige and white.. I haven't completed that section yet as I need day light for the white bits!

Then if I haven't got enough to do I have been stitching this Bothy thread design. It is something I bought quite a while ago on one of those spur of the moment moments, and goodness know what I'll do with it when it is completed!!

And this is what I do with the rest of my time, my gardening! This is the raised bed in the back of the garden and I have taken a photo to show the cut and come again salad leaves that Nic sent me as seeds with an exchange back in the sping. It also shows cos lettuce, beetroot, cabbage and fennel, quite a fertile little bit of the garden, covered with chicken wire against Nell who it seem likes lettuce< grrrr> and next doors cats< even more grrrrr> and the blooming pigeons, you can also see the beans which have shot up these last few days with the rain.
This year we have also grown some at the allotment too altho not too many as we can't eat them all, but bean chutney is easy to make and we have recipes which are yummy!

And here is our plot, too big really but we love it there! Its quiet and peacful altho less than a mile from the city centre.If you click on the pic, you'll see how big it is!!

And my sweet corn of which I am very proud!

And this is Nell, now 18 weeks old and can chew anything and does! But isn't she pretty and she is very lovable.

I have put green bean chutney on the side of my posts for those who have asked, its one my friend gave me and is delicious!


Gaynor said...

Hi, stitching is looking great. We have grown sweetcorn too much to the amusement of the farmers nextdoor lol. If they fail, I am just gonna buy some and say we grew it lol. We only grew it to see if we could but it might be too wet here compared to the UK.
I have so much ready to eat at the mo..bloomin wonderful isnt it!

Julie said...

Nell is so cute.
Your plot is our allotment a plot is split in half so 2 families can use one plot, just enough room for a family to grow their goodies and not too much work. We have sweetcorn too.
Wouldnt mind a copy of the bean chutney receipe please if you dont mind.
The bothy threads looks a nice design.

Angela said...

The stitching looks great.

You'll not be going hungry then, looking at your allotment and veggie plot.

Lula said...

Take heart - the cat sampler is growing

Clare - Aimetu said...

Nell looks so cute :0

Love the garden and great stitching as always :)

Karan said...

Good progress on the cats & I love the new WIP, it's so cute. :0)
Your garden & allotment look great - I envy you all those homegrown goodies! Nell is a cutie & is growing well. :0)

Ginnie said...

Your SAL is looking really good and I love your new piece too. We have taken on an allotment this year to go along with our little veg patch in the garden. Trouble is it is very overgrown so hubby has his work cut out in the summer hols!! Just picked beetroot, potatoes and courgettes but would love to try growing sweet corn!

Gladys Creativa said...

Hello there! the sampler cat is lovely! I like it so much! I love the kittis!