Thursday, 5 February 2009

Snow snow snow!!!!

This is what it was like outside at just after 6 this morning!
I leaned out of the side door of the conservatory to get the back garden and its still coming down thick and fast, but as long as we can get to Heathrow for our flight on sunday I am not panicking!!
I have started my BP sal again as I didn't like the colour I was using so changed to DMC 3721, 3722, 233 and perhaps I 'll use 152 as well as it they are all slight colour variations...I shall do a bit more and then take a photo of my progress.
I have sent my Prairie Schooler exchange so when it has arrived I shall post a pic.
Hope where ever you are you're toasty warm!!


Clare-Aimetu said...

snow here too, and school is closed again today - but it does look beautiful.

Angela said...

Are we going to get to look at you stitching before you head for warmer climates?

Julie said...

Lots of snow here too, its so cold!!!

Angela said...

Thanks for the award. I'll post it on my blog later today when i've thought about how to list my addictions.