Saturday, 14 May 2011

We've moved!!

You might be thinking I have given up on my blog but these boxes and bags are the reason why I haven't been able to post. I have been extremely busy!
These were in Coventry last thursday 12th May... our moving day!! It all went very smoothly but then we had been packing boxes for two weeks prior to the day and now??
This is the kitchen in Billericay to where we have moved... and these are just a few. We had about a hundred boxes and two days here we have unpacked about thirty!

And here is a picture of dh at the end of the day..

I am sure we will be straight eventually and it is worth the temporary mess and hard work.
When we went shopping yesterday we met my teaching assistant and  I had a lovely chat with her, while we were chatting along came another from my old school,  so it was hugs all round. It seems the school is to have a two day OFSTED next week, Joy of joy I am no longer teaching.. I shall pop into the school thursday after its all over. I had planned to go to the school  to give the Headteacher my acceptant note for  her leaving do, so just as well I met June who told me the Inspection was Tuesday and Wednesday!!
It is so wonderful to be back fact it's bliss!!


Lesleyanne said...

Congrats on your move. Hope you will be all settled soon.

sara said...

Well done, I know it takes a while to settle in after moving but it looks like it went pretty smoothly, and how wonderful to meet up with old friends........makes it all worthwhile.

lily x

amelia said...

Your hubby looks very comfy amid all the boxes! Just take it slowly and it will eventually all be done. It always is!

Melanie said...

Congrats on your move! :)

Julie said...

I'm sure you'll soon be all settled in and back to normal with some stitching and knitting/crochet pics to show us. Dh looks right at home LOL

crochet lady said...

I was wondering where you've been. Moving is hard work. Hope you enjoy your new home!

Aussie Stitcher said...

I am glad that the move went well. I hate moving.

Karan said...

Glad the move went well Chris & you'll get there with the unpacking. Sounds like you've settled right back in - enjoy! :0)