Friday, 27 May 2022

Our way home.

We have a lovely drive back to our home, we pass this tree which is about a couple of miles from our town; people call it the 'Welcome' tree. I love to see it with the sheep lying down under it.

Isn't this a beautiful golden sight? This wasn't rape seed last year, so quite a surprise. 

Cowslips and daisies grow profusely in the road verges, in spite of the council mowing them down, they bravely pop up again!

But just look at what these people have planted outside their garden wall. An amazing sight as we approach our road.
So amazingly beautiful, I wonder if they have seeds to spare?
I could go and ask, a bit cheeky??

And up on the hill top,  we view 5 of these.. we love to see them slowly turning and wonder if its our home getting that power.

I thought I'd miss the greenness of Suffolk here,  but we have the best of both worlds, the country side and the sea side. 
Not bad is it? I love it and feel very blessed being able to live here, back in my home town.


meandmysmallcorner said...

What a wonderful name for the tree. This year I have been potting up some of the seedlings that I have too many of and putting them on our front drive for people to help themselves.
Nature can be so beautiful and the verges are havens for wildlife.
Enjoy the rest of the week x

Bless said...

Such pretty sights on your way home! Love the name of the tree!