Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Hacked email

Hi All

I haven't posted for a while and now I am writing to apologise.. If you have received an odd email from me, it was not me..  My email has been hacked.

I am very sorry if you received anything...I moderate for our local Free Cycle and a lot of spam comes through so I can only think this is why my email have been compromised.

I will be posting about things I have been doing and also my 'give away' to celebrate my 200 followers in the next few days.

Not enough hours in the day to get everything done!!

Happy Days


Julie said...

There's a lot of it about, you are the 4th person i have had notification from in the past few days.
Happy hobbying!

stitchersanon said...

Hi, you will be pleased to know it is nothing to do with freecycle. Computers run through millions of email possibilities in a minute and when they get a hit they automatically send spam under your addy. All you have to do it change your password to something unlikely to be picked up by computer: so no dates in there..they are easy to work out. Good luck xx

Anonymous said...


Hope your e-mail is ok now.

Varla Lee said...

Oh...that´s very bad thing!! I wish you can restore your account. Big hugs dear Cris.

Beth said...

I am sorry your email was compromised. It is a very good idea to change your password.

Jay said...

Oh dear, I seem to get these hacked emails from friends account all the time, such a nuisance!