Friday, 31 August 2012

Our visit to the Paralympics

What a super day we had yesterday seeing 4 world records broken, and paralympic records too! We saw Jonathan Fox get his swimming gold
and Sarah Storey get hers in the cycling!
All very exciting and DH is hoarse this morning! We were awake at 5 and left the house at 6:50! I actually had a snooze in the velodrome!! We had been in the acquaticentre for 3 hours, had our picnic lunch and then walked to the velodrome about 1 ½ miles!! So by that time, 2pm I was tired and it was so hot, so I slept ! With all the cheering and DH one side clapping and a man the other side clapping and I still managed to sleep for about 20mins! This when there was time trials going on... so I don’t think I missed much! I felt better for it anyway!

Then on the 2 mile walk from the velodrome back to Stratford station thro Westfield Centre. Just at the entry to the park we met , DH's son and grandson! They had tickets for the park for the evening, altho could only get two,  so DIL and the baby were in John Lewis! In all those 1000s of people and the park which covers 500 acres, How’s that??
DH reckons I walked about 5 miles yesterday, me who doesn't walk much! So next time we go, I shall wear my pedometer. We have tickets for athletics on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and the closing ceremony on Sunday! Exciting times!
I felt so proud to be British, the Olympic Park is amazing and the banks of flowers so pretty, it is quite an achievement and the games and atmosphere worth every penny.... go  team GB go!
Chris xx


Clare - Aimetu said...

It's an amazing event isn't it. Philippa is off to London today as she is team leader for a team of Games Makers. They are working (volunteering) in the Aquatic Centre for 9 days - unfortunately we haven't been able to get tickets. She is very excited :)

Julie said...

Lots more exciting times for you to enjoy over the coming days Chris, have fun!

stitcheranon said...

Wow, you are so lucky to get tickets. I watched the swimming yesterday: so amazing!! Better than the first olympics simply because of the diversty these people have had to face to be here. Inspirational xx

Carol said...

Oh how wonderful. I'd have ended up hoarse too.
We are doing well aren't we? Such a wonderful summer for GB even if the weather didn't often add to our golden glow.
Carol xx

Leslie: said...

I'm in London now and have seen quite a bit on TV. You are so right that it's even more exciting than the regular Olympics! I was cheering for Ellie Simmonds here in my hotel room. She's a real inspiration to all people - disabled or not!