Saturday, 26 January 2019

Keeping Strong!!

We watched Tom Kerridge's' Eating Healthily, this morning and he made a stir fry, which is my DH's forte. So this was our lunch and we used the Little Gem lettuce leaves as a wrap. Gosh it was delicious, chicken, prawns and a lot of sliced veg with bean sprouts, very, very nice and our SW food plan

And to help me, keeping my hands busy, ….my crocheting. It's Lucy from Attic 24 blog's cal, altho' because I have started this 6 times I am way behind. it wasn't that the crocheting wrong, I didn't like the stitch, so tried several and here I am back doing the lattice stitch. The joy of it is, the colours, Sweet Pea colours. My lovely DH bought me the pack for a Christmas pressie.

So I 'm doing my best to keep strong because with 4 long!weeks gone on this food plan, I wanted to lose 14 pounds, this is where I can give up and stuff my face, hence the stir fry. Usually we'd have had an omelette with salad which often left me feeling peckish mid afternoon!
How do you keep strong?

PS. As I type I 'm eating some tasty grapes!


Winifred said...

I love that Sweet Pea blanket, the colours & pattern are gorgeous. I was tempted but already have one blanket on the go & loads of lace wool for shawls to knit up.

I love soups and they are so filling. Also love salads even in winter as long as they have lots of interesting stuff in them like avocado, beetroot & olives. The bread is a killer though, love it!

Treaders said...

Hi Chris, just wanted to stop by and say hi after finding your lovely comment on my blog. It's a real treat to blog hop off other people's blogs and discover new blogs isn't it. I am dashing out in a little while so haven't gone too far back (as yet) on your blog, but when I saw you got the Michelle Obama book for Christmas I thought "that's my kinda girl" as I really want to read that. BUT the way I read your post was that you had got Michelle Obama's quilting book!! Must clean my glasses next time. Then the Maya Angelou quote (I love her) AND of course I would love to lose weight too (my youngest gets married in July). So I guess we have a lot in common. I will certainly enjoy going back through your blog. Cheers. Anna