Tuesday, 25 November 2014

What is this thing called weight???

I was doing so well and then??? What happened??
I found a few pounds, well more than a few.. 4!
Where did they come from, what did I eat that was so bad that it stuck to my tum and bum.. when we were away we ate sensibly and my gain was just 2 and then suddenly it turned to 4.
If you stack packs of butter,  4lbs is 8 packs and looks  huge! I want to curl up and drink hot chocolate and I would, but we don't have any. I dared say, because DH is so lovely he would pop out and buy some.  So I won't have lost 2st by Christmas, and if I don't get myself under control it won't even be 1 st.. Today I have been for a blood test to check my thyroxin dose, I have been sleeping a lot recently so it could be that... or it could be white bread with butter and cheddar cheese?
So many things happening around the world and all I can think of is how big 8 packs of butter looks.
Before I eat anything I look at it suspiciously and think
(Will this make me fat?)


Jacqueline Morris said...

Your trying that is the main thing.....
The whole point I started blogging in the first place was for me to have somewhere I can question myself and understand what I do... yes when I eat 'odd' things and sometimes reflect.
Your are AMAZING!! Your talking about it... this helps heaps. And yes 4 pounds... well its fine.. and maybe you wont reach your original target for Christmas. The best thing is you are gaining a better insight to yourself and your eating habits :)
I think you are doing great by the way.. slowly does it :)
Huge smiles to you :)

Vickie said...

Oh Chris. I am sorry. Try not to get too down about it. Truly. Have you taken any more walks with Nell? Walking does wonders for losing some weight.

Katya said...

Chris, I know how you feel. Every time I go to the doctor for a checkup (with the weigh-in) it feels like Judgement Day. Hang in there, stick to your (original) plan, and everything will work out. When I was younger, I was happy when I lost weight... now I am just happy if I have not gained any.
Have a good holiday season,

aimee said...

Don't get discouraged Chris! Just keep on eating right and working your plan.
Blessings, Aimee

Denise SA said...

Don't get discouraged think about what you have lost
Each day is a new day you will get slim
So will I I hope