Tuesday 14 May 2024

Something with salad.

 Its coming right up to the salad season, unless like us you eat it all year round, but what to have with it can be a problem..

So one of SW's many ideas is the crustless veggie quiche.


4 eggs.

220g spinach, shredded

Small courgette sliced thinly

 6 Tomatoes Sliced

Bunch of salad onions (Spring onions) Chopped

Cottage cheese 200g

Grated cheddar 50g

Level tsp salt

1/2 tsp pepper

Parsley chopped.


Switch on oven 160 C

Whisk eggs and add cottage cheese and seasoning 

Stir in chopped salad onions, spinach, and some of the courgette.

Pour into a dish sprayed with olive oil

Place tomatoes on top and courgette and the grated cheddar

Bake at 160C for about 30 to 40mins

Sprinkle on parsley to serve.

This serves us for 2 meals

Of course you can vary the ingredients, we sometimes add bacon, or asparagus or anything you like, I prefer this cold.


(Not my photo)


Jules said...

This sounds delicious. Xx

Joy said...

It's perfect on those hot days, isn't it? xx

Moira said...

Hi that sounds lovely I have half a block of cream cheese I need to use so will make it with a few adjustments

Marie Smith said...

It is salad season around here too. This one is a nice change. Thank you for sharing.

Live and Learn said...

We like to do scrambled eggs with add-ins similar to this. It is a hearty, easy dish.

Sue said...

'Something with salad' is my husbands favourite meal. In his case it's usually a steak, a pork chop, a quiche or a pie.

Mari said...

This looks really good. Thanks!

Sooze said...

Crustless quiches are good aren't they, can use up odds and ends of things in the fridge. I like salad with something warm on the side.....the quiche, or a jacket potato, or fish fingers even. Husband thinks it's weird to have warm and cold together!