Thursday 16 May 2024

Books, some ok some not!

 The book group  yesterday afternoon was an interesting discussion,  although there were only 4 of us..  I've already written about the book, 'The Museum of Ordinary People.' by Mike Gayle here, and like me the  other members thought it was an ok read, but not wonderful.. so I'm working my way through the rest of my library books.

Disappointingly I'd read the Kristin Hannah book before, but because I couldn't remember the end, I read it again.

A story of three sisters, Winona, Aurora and Vivi-Ann.. sadly I wasn't impressed, yes a good story, well written, but it suddenly became one on those books that went on too long for me. You might find it more to your choice but it didn't seem to me to be written by the same author as, 'The Great Alone, The Four Winds, The Women, and Home Front.' Perhaps it was because I'd already read it, but I couldn't wait to finish it.

I moved on to this book, a new author for me.

This is book 1 of 23 that features FBI Agent Winter Black.

13 Years prior, a young Winter Black arrived home from a sleep over to find her parents murdered and her little brother missing.

Now a rookie FBI Agent she returns to her Virginia home town as part of a team to solve the murders. Early in the story it's revealed that Winter has a sixth sense and is able to see things that others can't.  This is her first case as a lead investigator with another rookie agent. 

Being in her own home town there are difficulties with some of the people she knew, when younger who still see her as a young person. As she deals with the feelings of her family's murder, meeting old school friends who hold a grudge against her, she battles with her emotions, as well as trying to solve the murders of uncovered bones found in a secret burial patch. It did have the basis of a good story with some good characters, I liked Winter, but as a murder mystery, it failed for me. There was something missing, there was the hint of perhaps love interest in her Agent partner, Noah, but it didn't happen, perhaps in the next book?

Will I read the next one? I don't think so.



Joy said...

You win some and lose some, don't you. AT least you gave them a go. That's good. xx

Maggie said...

I read True Colours, it was different, I still enjoyed it.
I've not come across the author Mary Stone but I'm not keen on American detective books. You made me realise that our book club meets next Thursday and I haven't read it yet! I'll have to pick it up as soon as I get home

Lynn and Precious said...

I read a lot of fiction. But the book has to draw me in before page 50 or I know it will not be for me. Sometimes I let it drag on a bit, but not usually. I have read Hannah's books and some are OK.

Live and Learn said...

Thanks for the reviews. I'm always looking for something to read, and it's good to hear what others like or don't. Good for you for finishing all of the books. I don't always do that if I don't like where the story is going or I get bored.