Wednesday 8 May 2024

Is it the answer?

 'I've lost weight with no effort at all, eating what I like!' said my #1 son when we spoke on the phone the other evening. Over the last 10 years or so he had gradually become over weight and was fighting to lose it.


He had lost a lot of weight when he was younger as he was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. If fact he looked like a skeleton, 6ft and only weighed 6st 4lb.  He had to have surgery to remove a large part of his large colon when he was 24 and thankfully didn't need a 'bag' which he was dreading.  When he first said. he wasn't well living away with some other young men at University, my reaction was too many greasy kababs.. But it persisted and it all came to a head, when his friend phoned to tell me my son had collapsed. I drove to Uxbridge where he was that evening to bring him home.

I managed to get one of the Drs at the Practice where I was a patient to agree to see him, because he wasn't a patient there anymore not living at home. A super caring Dr who actually came to the house and he said that my son needed to see a Consultant. I got him a private appointment the following week. In the mean time my son was getting weaker and weaker, no food would stay in him. 

The Consultant said he needed hospitalization and he was admitted the next day for an examination under anesthetic. It was all a very scary time and he diagnosed my son with Crohn's.

My son was treated medically for 3 years before we saw a Surgeon, who said he needed surgery and he'd never be better without it. 

He had dropped out of University earlier that year and was at home.  He was admitted to hospital to stay for 6 days before the operation to be built up with a drip infusion, I was so relieved that he would be in hospital being treated. However he'd only been there for 2 days when he collapsed and the school where I worked received a phone call to tell me. The nurse said that my son was already in Theatre and I wouldn't be able to visit him till the next day. 

I was there the next morning 8:15am before school and they let me see him. I don't know how I got through the day, but the blessing was I had the most loveliest class that year, never had one like it before nor after. Isn't God good, when you need things to go right? 

I used to go straight to the hospital each afternoon with a pile of books to mark and my planning folder. I sat beside my son every afternoon to late evening till he was discharged 4 weeks later.  It wasn't the best of times, but he got better and grew stronger and now he's trying to lose weight!

And how did he lose weight, he's bought an Air Fryer! 'You should get one Mum,' he said, 'they're so easy to use, no need to fry, so no oil.'    so may be we will? But I need to follow a plan and also look at portion control, so I don't think an air fryer will be my answer. Do you have an air fryer, are they worth it, is healthier eating?



Angela said...

I'm so pleased your son is healthier now. And yes God is good, sending support when we need it. Cannot comment on the air fryer issue!

Joy said...

Yes, I do and yes, it is a really useful tool to help me prepare healthier meals but I wouldn't say it is THE answer. Better to ask him for some recipes - see what he's prepping using it, maybe? xx

Kirstenm said...

We have a s1mall, 2-person Phillips air fryer and it get used just about every day. We bought the (rather expensive) metal dish designed to go inside and it was worth the extra money. Low fat chips and roasted veg, using just a teaspoon of oil become simple. The same with croutons, which make a nice snack, lower fat than crisps!IThey are not a fryer, but a fan oven, with no heating up time, running a bit hotter and quicker than a conventional fan oven. We use it for almost everything that one would do in the oven. Ours takes up about the same counter space as a kettle. It will either be a godsend if you get on with it, or a waste of space and money if you don't!

Sue said...

Yes, I have one, and yes I do think they are worth it. You can put smaller amounts in them without worrying about the cost of heating up the main oven and they make things that usually need frying in oil to crisp up, crispy without any oil at all.

Mari said...

My SIL also has Crohns and had to have surgery in his early 20's. He did need to get the bag, but has done well and says he's never regretted the surgery - it was life changing for him.
I've been thinking about an air fryer too. I just hate to add it to my counter!

Live and Learn said...

I'm sure that you're happy and relieved that your son is much better. That sounds like a very scary time for all involved. I don't have an air fryer, but I know several people who have one and say they use it almost every day.

Lynn and Precious said...

I have no air fryer. But I do roast all our veggies by lightly spraying them in olive oil and then roast in one small counter top oven or if I'm also roasting a bit of meat, I turn on the large stove oven. It cuts down on oil so much and the veggies taste delish. It is wonderful your son survived this awful illness years ago and now is trying to eat very healthy. May he continue.

Moira said...

Do you fry a lot of food, I don’t so I do not think an air fryer would be any good for me. Tonight I am doing hubby fish in batter and real chips as a treat. I make it about once a month for him and it must be the real thing. I am having salmon lightly fried and veg. I brush the oil on and add a little water to steam the salmon. Hubby weighs less than me, and I am within my BMI so we must be doing something right. If you fry a lot of food I think it would be a good buy

Liz Hinds said...

Thank goodness for some good doctors. Glad your son is okay now. Do let us know if you decide on an air fryer and how you get on.

Maggie said...

Wow that must have been very scary, so glad he is well now.
I have an airfryer but don't make much use of it really, we don't eat a lot of fried food so can't comment on what the difference would be, I know a lot of people swear by them but I feel mine is just taking up space.

Joy said...

It's not just frying, despite the name. You can bake, roast, reheat, dehydrate. I made a nice banana egg custard in it the other day. xx

Bless said...

I'm glad your son is well now; that must have been a very scary time!
I don't have an air fryer, but, I bought my daughter one and she likes it.