Sunday 5 May 2024

A perfect day in the garden.

 When you plan a gardening day, first thing to do is to sit in the sun and talk about it over a coffee

So that's what we did and then walked round the garden. We started in the corner of the patio where there is this bright lime green acer, it
is doing really well in spite of the heat of last summer. Whew the heat last year! What's wrong with us we have days of rain and we complain, the sun comes out and its too hot! I really love this little tree so look after it and keep it in the cool. However our garden is SW facing so it does get very hot.

Before we started any weeding Dh wanted to pressure wash the patio; he does love that washer we bought and togs up in his wellies. First time he used it he didn't and got wet shoes and feet. I tried not to look when the splash of it sprayed the French doors windows, which the window cleaner had cleaned Wednesday, but hey ho, the patio is clean!

So as Dh was happy I walked round admiring our garden. We have a lot of free flowers, self seeded aquilegia, in a variety of deep purples and mauves, all towering above the lower growth of plants yet to flower.  

So pretty and I welcome them. Expert gardeners say they are hussies as they don't care who they pollinate with, so you never know what colour they'll be!
    And I love the drifts of Forget Me Nots, all arriving without being invited, but who cares when they put on such a beautiful display, each year. One year in another garden a friend and I sowed some Forget Me Not seeds. He was always boasting how well his were growing, while mine were merely tiny green shoots. He asked if I wanted him to come to see mine to give me his advice. What a cheek I thought.. but as it happened the Saturday before he was to call round, while shopping in the supermarket, they had the plants so I bought 3!
Wasn't he surprised?? Ha ha
And I have to show you this grape vine, I'm training it up the pergola and its doing really well. Its several years old and has travelled with me from other gardens but this is the first one in which I have planted it into the ground. We have lovely grapes, deep purple and sweet.

We've sat outside under an umbrella as it has been very hot; ate our evening meal out there and listened to the trickle of the water from my little water feature. Here she is, called Gladys, just like my Aunty.
I bought her with money left me by Aunt.

The water comes out of a flower on her hat, trickles round the brim and then down her shoulder. I absolutely love her!
Its been a perfect day.


Sue in Suffolk said...

It certainly sounds like a lovely day.
I cut the grass and put more tomatoes into their final pots in the greenhouse.

jabblog said...

I love flowers that look after themselves and spread their bounty around. It's another sunny day today, until early afternoon, apparently.

Lynn and Precious said...

Chris, thank you for a lovely garden tour. Our Spring is too hot one day and storms the next. Not what it was a few years ago. We are starting to get perennials blooming, like my iris and bleeding heart. But nothing near as far along as you beauties. It looks the place to simply be and enjoy.

Live and Learn said...

I enjoyed the tour around your garden. And that patio looks very clean! We won't be doing any pressure washing on our porch or sidewalks until the major pollen season is over. Right now we have a yellow film over everything from all of the trees in bloom.

Marie Smith said...

Eating outside to the sound of the water feature sounds perfect!

Mari said...

Your garden is looking so pretty! My husband was busy with the pressure washer too. It really does clean well.
I love Gladys!

Maggie said...

Your patio is looking very clean and bright :-) I need to get mine done in the next week or two.

Liz Hinds said...

Oh I love Gladys! I am looking for something to put in a little corner. Maybe I need a Gladys.

Julia said...

It sounds like you had a very lovely day in the garden! Everything looks so nice and neat in your garden! It so nice to be able to have a meal outside which is why I love this time of year. My garden/patio also faces Southwest, but I have an umbrella out there which seems to help. I could spend all day and evening sitting outside admiring my garden or really any garden for that matter.

Lowcarb team member said...

I think your garden looks lovely and I do like Gladys :)

All the best Jan

Back2OurSmallCorner said...

I absolutely agree with your philosophy of sit first and discuss what's to be done over a cuppa. So nice to see Gladys again.
We haven't used the pressure washer yet but it does need to be used to spruce things up a bit.

Bless said...

You have a lovely garden with all those pretty flowers and that very clean patio! :)