Tuesday 5 December 2023

Dr Who in Porthcawl !!

This was so exciting because it was happening on our door step.
We didn't go to see where they actually were filming, but we could see the lighting and a helicopter was flying back and fro over our bungalow.
Porthcawl FB posted loads of pictures and we could see the huge cherry pickers with their flood lights from the top of our road. Spooky at night as the church was back lit by red lights.
It's not the first time there have been film crews on the beach near us, 'Keeping Faith' scenes were filmed here. And there's a plaque on the sandhills saying that the film 'Lawrence of Arabia' had scenes filmed there.
Who would have thought that could have happened here?
It seems there was a Dalek on Clevis Hill, very frightening! Glad I didn't see it. 
When my children were young, they wanted to watch Dr Who but as soon as the music started, they all grabbed a cushion and peeped from behind it, if I said I'd switch it off, they'd all be shouting Nooooooo!!
Were your children the same?


Chris said...

What a fascinating experience! I'm not a Dr. Who fan but I would have loved to see the filming process.

Back2OurSmallCorner said...

Both myself and D enjoy Dr Who. D was brought up on the new generation Dr Who but we are both watching William Hartnell's version 1 at the moment. I think D would have enjoyed seeing part of the filming with a Dalek.