Friday 12 April 2024

A Sea Monster?

 On Thursday afternoons I have my hair done, since moving here I've found a hair dresser who does it just right. We don't usually go round town after it, but today we did, as it wasn't raining. Once I've had my hair done, I won't get it wet; we wandered through the town to get some cards, but suddenly there were some spicks of rain so we rushed back to the car.

We thought we'd have a drive to the sea front to see this huge piece of drift wood. Its been photographed by loads of people and is on all the FB pages. But we couldn't get a parking space near to it and I didn't want to get wet. Its like a huge monster from the sea!

It looks bleak doesn't it? We drove further along the front and got a parking space further along the prom, just by our favourite kiosk and got a lovely decaff coffee... 

... and one of these..

...A shortbread biscuit from Popty Bakery, they are delish.
And we sat and watched the sea breaking over the rocks and it rained and rained and rained!
So glad this isn't me!

Hurry up summer, we're fed up of the rain


Mari said...

It looks very wet. The driftwood is huge!
We were also out running errands yesterday and it was raining here. I looked a bit bedraggled when we got back home!

Marie Smith said...

We’ve had oodles of rain too. More today. Enough already!

Ginny Hartzler said...

The large driftwood is amazing! And I am so glad some people are in the shot, as it shows perspective. I would not have been able to tell how huge it is without the people nearby to compare. I love your polka dot background! It looks like spring.

happyone said...

It does look pretty dreary. Not too different from us here.
That big drift wood does look like monster from the sea. :)

Chris said...

April showers....and all that! Hope some dry weather shows up soon! It's finally stopped raining here after two wet days.