Sunday, 14 August 2016

At last a finish!!

I don't think I have ever been so long knitting a pair of socks, but at last I've finished these. A slightly longer leg part as they are for my cousin who wears wellies,  when she walks her friend's dog across the fields.
Now to do some crocheting, which is easier with my arm.
Arm news? It's more or less the same I haven't got an appointment to see the surgeon till the end of September, so I just have to wait and see. My patience is running out and although people show sympathy, no one really knows what it is like for me.
I can be a miserable old cow some days, thank God I have such a lovely DH
Happy Days!!

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Ta-da !!

I have actually sewn myself a dress.. it seemed easy when I thought about it.
Just 2 pieces, front and back, no sleeves.
The neck and arm holes are faced with bias tape and then 2 rows of top stitching.
I had problems cutting out the material as I can't move my arm forward, but I just kept moving the material till it was near me. Then placing the foot of the machine onto the seam to stitch with my right hand proved difficult because I needed my left hand to put the foot down.
But I managed and I am very pleased with the result. A loose dress, with half ties to give it some shape. Three buttons on the front add a little to off set the plainness of the style.
(Back showing the ties)
Not quite straight on the hanger, the hem is level when it's on. 
Actually I am very pleased I have been able to sew,  although my arm was aching last night, it was worth it. I kept thinking I have done some sewing... yeh!!!

Saturday, 9 July 2016

I haven't been idle!

Another pair of socks for #2GS.. These have a plain colour for the welt, heel and toe.
I like knitting them in that colour combination.
And he likes them too.
I always get a kick when I phone and he says, ' Grandma I am wearing your socks!'
And a second sock on my needles for my cousin, who walks in the countryside, so these are for her wellies!
And block 1 of that BOM I wrote about weeks ago.
There is still a little embroidery to finish on this one.
And plenty of fabric left to complete this small display quilt.  I think I will be a while finishing this! As it was a block a month, perhaps I could discipline myself to stitch one each month. There isn't much sewing needed, it's the embroidery that takes the time. 
Yesterday I made a cake, first one for over a year... I should write a book on what you can do when you're forced to become a one handed  'lefty'!!LOL
You can find the cake here,  on my new blog.
I am feeing a lot more positive about my arm
Thank you to all my on line friends for your good wishes and prayers.

Monday, 27 June 2016

Been AWOL for weeks!!

It's been a while since I have written anything but we have been away. A week in my home town Porthcawl in Wales. We enjoyed ourselves even though we had rain some days, Nell didn't care, she loves the beach.
Since home I have done some one handed weeding, quite difficult as I always feel I will over balance. but the garden is beginning to look really nice again.
On the landing windowsill my orchids have continued to flower...

And this is our first lettuce from the garden, a Webbs Wonder which hearted up and was crunchy and delish. We ate it tonight with cold chicken, and English toms, grated carrot, cucumber finely sliced, sweet corn and crushed new potato, very nice.
We left our tomatoes in the green house when we went away with upside down lemonade bottles, with a needle hole in each neck, filled them with water and they were fine, so we won't mind leaving them again.
I haven't sewn my quilt,  but have knitted a pr of socks and have one done of a second pair. I suddenly had this urge to finish my knitting WIPs
My arm is more or less the same, still useless, so depressing. I have blood tests tomorrow checking on my vit.D and B12 levels. I have taken the 4 week dose of vit D3. so hope that shows improvement. It is now 14 1/2 months since I broke my right arm!!
So  now we're out of the EU but life goes on; I am walking every day and have a new pretty walking stick as my third leg,  as I kept feeling I would fall again,  so this has given me confidence and I can fairly fly along with it.  My new pedometer records my steps, aerobic steps, miles and calories.. the most I did in one day was 1.4 miles but had a few rests through the walk. And although I managed to lose a pound in weight when we were away, I put on 2 1/2 the week we came back!  
It's been lovely to read all your blogs, sorry I haven't commented but I have admired the work you all do and love all the .... we're trying to save and be frugal blogs.. it makes me feel we're blasé about shopping, we buy what we like regardless of cost most  weeks.
Stay happy.


Saturday, 4 June 2016

My Real Children ( Book review)

‘My Real Children’ by Jo Walton
If I had looked fully at the description of this book as being Sc-fi Fantasy I wouldn’t have picked it up at the library. I just looked at the author bit and read she was from Wales, but now living in Canada born 1964, the same year as my daughter, who is also called Jo, although I always call her Joanne and she too was born in Wales. I have silly reasons why I chose certain books. But omgosh I really liked this book. Even before the story started to unfold, I knew it was a book I would enjoy, because it was written well, no silly long facile descriptions of what people were wearing, which I hate and is often found in some books which I close unread after the first few pages.
It opens with the old Patricia very confused,  in a nursing home remembering her life but which life pathway was real? Patricia, Patty, Patsy, Pat or Tricia, Trish, all the same woman. But two different lives, all decided by an answer to a question, one answer ‘yes’, the other ‘never. That really is the crux of this story; how one decision, one answer, can shape a whole lifetime, and the lives of those who come next. How generations of one family can be formed because of what one single person decided to do. The two stories then run concurrently, a chapter at a time.

Who is Patricia? Is she Trish, or is she Pat? Was she married with a family, a supply teacher and homemaker, or was she a bohemian travel writer, fighting for her rights and determined to live her life as she wants to? Both of these women have a wonderfully intricate story to tell and Jo Walton has so cleverly created two hugely different lives. I loved both Pat, lesbian with partner Bee and Tricia down trodden wife of a sod of a husband. It is cleverly interweaved with the history of the fifties through to present time, but also fiction, which are absolutely fascinating. For example, we read of Pat struggling to get a mortgage in the 1950’s as a single woman; of her liberation from her husband, Mark and childbirth with the introduction of the contraceptive pill in 1961 but also of ‘Prince Charles and Princess Camilla’ and of couples getting married on the moon.
In one narrative we are in a world where John F. Kennedy was killed by a bomb in 1963, and in the other, transported to a world where Kennedy chose not to run in 1964 after an escalated Cuban Missile Crisis led to the nuclear obliteration of Miami and Kiev. In one, by 1985, AIDS and leukaemia could be cured. In the other, Pat loses a son to AIDS and because of the fallout from the nuclear bombs people die of cancers. For me, this is a story that is unique and original and beautiful. It's intriguing and it's confusing, yet it is filled with emotion and passion and characters who are forward-thinking and beyond the norm, yet are realistically portrayed.
A book well worth reading, perhaps more than once, in case some little details are missed. I think Jo Walton must know Italy well as her descriptions are completely delicious and along with Pat and Bee, I absolutely revelled in the art, the architecture, the scenery and the food. I am so glad I chanced upon this book.  I found this a completely fascinating, rich and enthralling read. I think I might look at other books by Jo Walton.