Saturday, 14 July 2018

Disappearing stash!

I am still trying to use the yarn I have and have knitted this baby carry seat blanket. It also keeps me happily busy and not thinking about eating, as I fight for every pound lost!

 This a girly coloured one I am starting. (Is that non politically correct?) I am using circular needles which I haven't ever used before and I love them. You can't drop one, something I was often doing and while picking up one once, I toppled over but managed to protect my broken arm!
Anyway these are going to the local hospice charity shop in town and I love knitting them. The pattern is easy and keeps it interesting rather than plain garter stitch.
Do you like knitting?


Friday, 6 July 2018


Finished yeh!! And I am pleased.. I wondered about the colour combination but now it's done, to me it looks ok! And it has made a big hole in my stash so if I feel the urge to buy yarn I won't feel a bit guilty.  It's going to be left in the car in case we're stopped in snow, as we were the first week of December last year, when we joined 100s of other cars on the A14. I huddled under the only blanket in the car, which was the dogs! Fortunately it hadn't long been washed so it wasn't smelly! And she was cosy back in kennels.

I am now knitting a baby's pram or carry seat blanket to use up some more! And I 'm enjoying doing it under the umbrella in the garden in our beautiful summer weather.
Anyone else sewing or knitting outside?

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Something going on at last.

I have carried on with this throw and want to do another 8 or 9 colours. It excises my hand and arm and I am using up some of my wool stash. I 'm not sure about my colour choice and it's possible not yours, but it is keeping me busy in the evenings and while I am crocheting I am not eating.. yes still on track trying to lose weight.

And I wanted something for our new kitchen so am cross stitching this. A chart I bought on Ebay, yes I paid for a couple of magazine pages!!
But I am enjoying being able to stitch again, it has been a long time. With this beautiful sunshine I have sat outside in the afternoons stitching. Perfect way to spend my time.
I am loving it and we have spend some lovely days caring for the garden too. 
What's your perfect day?

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

With Sympathy..

to Sue and her family with the very sad news that her husband Colin has passed away. He fought that illness with great determination and courage. Her family around her is a blessing but when you lose your life time partner the hole that is left is very hard.
Blessings and Love Sue (


Monday, 23 April 2018

Will I won't I??

I think I may have bought too much of this 'Worn and Washed' fabric. With it came this idea to sew into strips, which is good for me  as I still struggle to cut the fabric with my duff arm.

  But I am going to try... with the fabric left over I am going to make a hexie quilt. It will be a long term project that I'll do when I feel like tacking a hexie!
But don't hold your breath as I think with everything else I am doing it will be while before there is any progress. I am also trying to do some of my cross stitch, which was always my first love.

Have you any long term plans?.. All these plans because I am making arm progress at last, April 14th was the 3 yr anniversary of when I broke my arm!!


Monday, 16 April 2018


This is a thank you to those peeps who have left comments for me even though I have hardly posted anything for an age and then only the same ripple throw.. but I do not accept anonymous comments so please give a link if you want your comment to be published.

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Ripple growing

I have ripped this back so many times, but at last I am happy with my colour choice. I am repeating the 18 rows but may do more to make it a decent size.. after all the objective is to use up my stash of yarn! And crocheting keeps me from thinking about food in the evenings!
I haven't done any other craft work although my arm is improving with the physio exercises, slowly, very slowly!
It's been an age since I have posted but time goes on and because we are retired we go out quite often and have just had a week in Wales. 


Thursday, 22 February 2018

Too busy to post?

... not really, I have posted on my other blog and I couldn't show progress on my throw, because  I had to rip out 3 colour sections, 6 rows, because I didn't like the fondant pink. It was toooo pink! 
Remember these?

Well I did these myself, but in fact you can buy them.  Yarn web sites sell them as colour samples. No wonder the ones I saw were so perfectly wound round the pegs! I am such an idiot!
But I am trying and I honestly liked winding the wool around the pegs and I saved myself £ss