Friday, 12 January 2018

Will you join me?

Wendy is a gifted Bible teacher. I have done everyone of her Bible studies and each one has grown me more and given me a deeper understanding of God's Love.
This one starts January 22nd and I am looking forward to reading her book and following her teaching and receiving her prayers.
You can buy her book from Proverbs 31 or Amazon.

Look up her blog

A prayer from Wendy for this coming year


You are holy, and You call me to holiness. Not perfection. Holiness. Help me know the difference. You created me in Your image and call me to be more like You. I confess at times, my heart wanders. My speech disappoints. My actions fail. Draw me closer to You. Keep me alert to Your voice. Give me a teachable mind and ears to hear the whispers of Your sweet Spirit. Clothe me with humility. Enable me to submit to Your Word. Use it to penetrate those deep places in my heart that resist change.

Monday, 8 January 2018

Getting busy

We finished this on Friday evening and thought it was difficult, but the one we've started is wow... very, very difficult. A present from #1ds He must think I am super clever??
I do find them relaxing even when I can't find the one piece to complete a part!

But I have also started to crochet, yeah I can....these are some of the flowers  for my CAL.
So I might get it finished the year.. perhaps??
Anyone else promising themselves, that they will finish a WIP this year?

Saturday, 30 December 2017

A bit of a sad craft year for me.

A couple of pairs of socks, one pr in black which was difficult to see in artificial light. I kept going wrong and then blow me, my #1 son and Gf split and it was she who asked for black socks!! And a blue pair for my youngest GS, who took off a pair I had knitted for him and put on the new ones right away!

 These look blue here but they were black!

And I managed to machine the rest of my tulip quilt.
The hardest bits were the tulips, which I had done 2 plus
years ago.. #2 son and Dil has asked for it. If you want to
hear about my life in the last year you will find it here.

To all my blogging friends...

Thursday, 28 December 2017


For the first time for months, today I have been able to wear knickers!! I wasn't able to pull them up before, because it was too painful, but today I could.
And today I've bought a Crochet Mag as it had a block for blocking out granny squares and I have a pattern in mind. My arm is feeling that good!

Yesterday I was supposed to go to London for physio, but because of the weather, we cancelled. We were eight  hours doing a two and a half journey home from Coventry 9th December and no way were we going to risk doing that again; it was horrible!!
We still have our Christmas decs up, we always leave them till 12th Night. We enjoyed our Christmas and our weight shows it! But we have started today, we're back on the Slimming World plan.
What about you, do you need to lose your Christmas weight

I did this a few years ago and could have done with a block then.

Thursday, 14 December 2017

I feel I could fly!!

I saw the senior registrar at the hospital on Tuesday. I used to think that this meant the Consultant couldn't be bothered to see me, but no... she had already looked at my x-rays and my shoulder replacement is ok, my bone transplant is good too, I am healing, I am going to have a working arm in 2018!! Yeah!! I can't believe it after all this time, 2 years and 9 months! And I have just an ordinary sling, the wedge sling was binned.

But after my good news,  I didn't sleep all that well that night, neither did DH, we were reading in bed at 2:00 am. Then my lovely man helped me get comfortable with my four pillows and one under my arm and I slept till gone 8..
I had a wonderful shower in the morning, first in 6 weeks, actually 6 1/2 weeks as I didn't have a shower in hospital! I still have a slight arrow mark on my arm after two showers; this morning I stood under that shower for a long, long time, bliss. I am excited but worried that my arm will still be awkward.. physio starts 27th Dec.. until then only passive exercise, so using my left hand to lift my right to bend at the elbow. He did say  I could try to eat with it in a week's time if I could, but I 'll try to clean my teeth first using my left hand to lift my right.  I can try to crochet, get back to that Sunshine and Showers CAL...And on the basis that I can use my arm I have bought a book with knitted little Christmas people!

But still the strict instructions, no extreme movements and no pulling, lifting, no arm behind my back, or using my arm to get up from a seat..but I feel ok and not too much pain and I feel like flying!