Monday, 27 October 2008

Our Conservatory

Just a corner of our conservatory with some of my new plants. I have been quite a while clearing it up. I love this little room and when I have a minute I intend to put some of my cross stitch pictures in there. All the little baskets and shelves have all my craft stuff there. I did intend to set up Aunt Alice's table with the drop down sides in there to make my cards etc but now with our big table in the dining room there's no need.

So this is where we sit for coffee, the lights are like bull rushes and we bought it with vouchers we were given by friends when we got married.
I like to light candles in there in the evening too and the refection in the windows is so pretty..

The odd plant on the little chest is an aloa vera brought back from holiday by Michael and Helen.. I am always afraid to water it incase I kill it!

The throw on the little settee is the quilt Jenny made for us. Its a Victorian Wedding Quilt
Every square has detail sewn on, fancy stitching, embroidery, beads, flowers, rosebuds, rings and hearts, it is so beautiful and so wonderfully made she is so clever.
I always show it to everyone that comes and tell them that my epal friend Jenny made that for us and gave it to me in April 2006 when she came here to UK.. We must go and visit her in Australia in the spring 2009, and this time nothing will stop us!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your visit to my blog and the comments. Now that I've found your blog I can find out what your interests are. :D

Gill - That British Woman said...

I would love a conservatory, they are not popular here in Canada.

Gill in Canada

Heather said...

What a lovely place for you to chill out Chris, in your conservatory, you have made it so cosy and love the sound of the candles at night, very romantic. I can see why you both escape there....Heather xxx

Anonymous said...

Chris, I couldn't send a reply email to your question about the quote on my blog so came here to reply. Yes it's fine to use it, it's not mine, and I got it from another blogger (with her permission).
Connie W