Sunday, 5 October 2008


Absolutely tipping down here today!

Yesterday we thoroughly enjoyed our drive to Buckingham. The Head Stone on Great Aunt Alice's grave looked very nice, gold lettering although at the bottom of the grave was a small name tag with her second married name so we took it off as she gave strict intructions that she was not to have that. We put some chrysanths on the grave and thought it all looked very nice. Its two years since she has died age 95 years so a good age.
Then back in the shopping area; I had a lovely lunch of bacon and stilton cheese salad… and Waitrose has opened up there instead of Budgens, so we came home with a baked American cheese cake which is not SW but oh so yummy! And some other yummy stuff from the new deli shop.

Then we drove down to Biscester Village outlet, but as it is new there were lots of places not open yet. Loads of Chinese and Japanese people there and other foreigners, it was crowded! I bought a super Radley bag reduced to £48!! Red, it is gorgeous and I can’t wait to buy a new navy coat to go with it! The photo includes the fabric draw string bag to store your bag in and the carrier bag... isn't it gorgeous? I love it!!
Disappointingly the Cath Kidson shop only had a selection of her goods and when I asked why the girl said they only have the stuff that doesn't sell in her shops! So I have bought it all on line as the postage was only £4.95 for all of it!
We really enjoyed our day and when we got home Mike did steak and salad and of course we had some of the cheese cake, it just melted in your mouth.

But all that walking, albeit slowly I was in bed by 9 and sleeping, but at least I kept going, must admit though walking back to the car was very painful.

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