Thursday, 9 October 2008


Yesterday was not a good day… we were up early in the morning as I was determined to get my Tax Return done . So by 8:30 I had everything done, I even showered at 7! And we had tidied round, I finished hanging up my winter clothes and swapping jumpers for tee shirts in my drawers and dusted and etc in the bed room as Mike said he would vacuum up there later. I even had washing on the line. Then before he settled to do his ‘work’ and I was going to log on and say good morning to my group he decided to take the dog around the block…
At 9:10 there was a knock at the front door and I thought it was him having forgotten his key, it was a paramedic. I looked at her saw the ambulance and thought opps I have forgotten a hospital appointment. It just didn’t register seeing her…..But no, she assured me right away Mike was alright but he had been knocked down by a car mounting the pavement and Boysie sorry to say had been killed outright.
We were at the hospital all morning, got home about 12... Mike has a badly bruised leg, he was saved by a hedge as the car pushed him off his feet and into it.. Our little dog didn’t have a chance..
So we are very sad and have had a few weeps, the house is very quiet although he didn’t make a lot of noise he had to sit where ever we were. Its going to be hard to tell the girls especially Emily as she adored that dog..
The blessing is that Mike wasn’t too badly injured, so we are grateful for that..thank God. That's all I was concerned about but I am going to miss my little dog.

I had him for nine years such a tiny little thing.He slept on my bed all those years before I met and married Mike 2 years ago, so I am missing him quite a bit. A tiny little toy poodle, he only weighed 7 pounds, so hit by a car he didn’t have a chance. Boysie had to sleep right up against my back and if I turned over he used to jump over me and settle down again in the small of my back. My daughter used to say ‘yuk’ when they stayed and she saw him there in the mornings, so I dared tell her that the cat was under the duvet by my legs, all three of us slept together for years!
Mike had some shaky moments off and on all yesterday with flash backs as he could see the car coming towards them on the pavement but couldn't get out of the way. He was saved by the hedge as the car pushed Mike into it and it stopped the car going further.

But we have had a laugh as well, as the paramedics cut the leg of his jeans, and fortunately it was an old pair that were baggy on him where he has lost weight, but we left the hospital with that leg of his jeans tucked in his waist band as it was flapping around, looked really funny! They cut the arm of his fleece too, but I shall sew that up as he can wear it in the allotment..
We looked a sorry sight both hobbling along together.. so a sad day.

We shall get another dog perhaps in the spring another little poodle.

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Chris said...

too silly but just reading back on this brings tears to my eyes.