Friday, 10 October 2008

FFFrriday, tomorrow its the weekend

I have such a lot to do I don't know where to start... I still haven't done my Tax Return!
I have nearly finished my cross stitch exchanges and want to do that name flat fold, I found on Victoria's Sampler Site. one for Yvonne and Rosalie and of course I have my christmas cards to make. And it would be nice to do one for Elaine and Debi in my reading group as they both sent me lovely cards and phoned and sent emails.
Elaine's was that lovely poodle painting which was Boysie when he was young before he started going grey!

Its been very quiet here today, we were up early and no dog to come up on the bed with us as we were drinking our tea at 5:30 again!! Mike wanted to finish this 'job' as he did none on Wednesday. As we were up so early we have put off going to the cinema it would have been a waste of money because I would have slept all the way through the film as I usually do!
Both of us have had a few tears as we sorted out his bed and food bowls. I have put his lead and pretty blue collar in the coat cupboard, the police gave it to us.

I keep seeing him trotting down the garden path after Mike, but only when it was dry he didn't like rain. Mike and I have laughed again at the fact that the poo bag disappeared that he had in his hand when the car hit him... I am just so grateful Mike has only got bruises.

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stitchersanon said...

I am sorry you are missing your dog so much. Sometimes I think life has nothing better to do than give us a kick up the bum for no good reason. Wish I could help!