Tuesday, 7 October 2008


Wouldn't it be lovely to look out at this instead of the drizzly rain today.. this is how I remember Tuscany that year I went with Linda it was glorious.

I have lots of lovely holiday memories from different parts of the world...

I think I am dreaming of holidays gone because we have decided to maybe not have a break in November after all.. we shall see how this work of Mike's pan's out. He is working at home again today which is nice for me, although I am upstairs sorting out summer and winter clothes. I am throwing a lot out that are out of date and I haven't worn for a while.

I have several lovely blouses that are too tight so I am keeping to the diet for the rest of this week! It is such a shame that I have some super clothes that just don't fit me, some of them new and never worn! Gosh that reminds me of Sabrina when I told her I had clothes in my wardrobe I had never worn, quick as a flash she said...' everybody has, so don't worry!'

That's what friends are for to boost your morale !! I could do with a few around here!

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Unknown said...

I`ve so enjoyed reading your blog Chris, lots of interesting memories, your a busy bee!! Looking forward to hearing what you are up to next lol.....Heather xxxx