Wednesday, 29 October 2008

My Hubby

This is Mike cutting our stuffed marrow, grown by us. I say us, as I grew the seeds in a propagator and he planted the plants out in the garden. It was delicious! I add a bread sauce mix to the mince and onion and it gives it that extra bit of taste. Oh and yes I stuffed and cooked it!
Yesterday he ironed a pile of clothes at my daughters and I cleaned her kitchen and scrubbed her dreadfull dried as hard as cement porridge pot!
Her hubby calls it the devils pot as it is so hard to clean, why oh why doesn't she pop it into a bowl of water as soon as she has served the porridge I don't know! In spite of the fact we went there to Cambridge to help her to get straight and we did, we still had time for cups of tea and chats. Mike took the boys for a kick around in the park and they arrived back at the house just as a terrific hail stone storm arrived, it was so thick it lay on the ground like snow! Brrrrr I think our winter has arrived!


Sue said...

The marrow looks mouth watering Chris, hope that you enjoyed it.......Sue x

Liz said...

Did it start as a courgette? That's what happens to ours. Turn your back for a minute and they become marrows.
Sounds yummy though.