Friday, 3 October 2008

A day in the garden

I had my first real gardening session yesterday. It was a perfect Autunm day, sunshine and a bit of a breeze and someone had a bonfire going so the smell was in the air. Mike had cleaned out the green house so I potted up the pelagoniums and then I cleared some of the south border so I had had a lovely afternoon gardening at last!! I pulled out the summer bedding nicotiana and antirrhinums and just turned the soil at the border edge of one border so about 8ft of border! I felt so pleased that I could and it looked as though its been done too.

Mike ‘Autumn weeded and feeded’ our small bit of lawn and we were admiring it, because when I arrived here two years ago it was a foot high tumps of grass!

So I am getting better!

We had a lovely SW meal of SW chips, egg, beans and sausage and I feel as though I had eaten a feast and enjoyed it!

Lunch time we had corn on the cob grown by me! And very nice it was too!
I felt it was the sign of things to come with Mike not working full time, it is going to be so nice, we can do what we like when we want to!

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