Tuesday 13 February 2024

Sunday B****Y Sunday!!

I could eat these with even more butter spread on them and love the taste. Just a simple scone mixture with added cheese, chopped sun dried tomatoes and finely sliced salad onions. Just thinking about them makes my mouth water! So I did not make them!

So this weekend on the 'trying to lose weight front,' I've done it I've  got through Sunday without failing!! Yeh.. my problem is what I always used to have for a Sunday tea. It was always a sandwich, maybe some crisps and a slice of cake.

So we planned Sunday this past weekend. 
SW plan has a B choice, which can be, bread, cereal, porridge or nuts. So to have a sandwich for tea meant I had to have a breakfast without a B choice, so that I could have a slice of wholemeal bread.
So my breakfast was......
Fruit, yogurt and honey and then an omlette, to make sure I was really satisfied,
Sunday dinner, is always cooked according to the SW plan, so not a problem,
Then  I could have  my cold meat sandwich for tea and instead of crisps, Dh sautéed some cooked potato chopped up into small chunks and it was all delicious.
Then a yogurt and an orange.

So I got through Sunday, yeh.. 
It was a real problem every Sunday, but now I've done it once I can do it again.
This trying to lose weight isn't easy is it?


Mari said...

Hooray for you! No it's not easy, but you did great!

Joy said...

whoop, whoop - well done! No, it isn't always easy but the results are worth it, I think. xx

jabblog said...

Breaking the habits we enjoy is never easy, so well done!

Marie Smith said...

Well done! You’ve got this!

diane b said...

Well done, keep it up. As you get older it is harder to lose weight. Metabolism slows down as well as everything else. I'm trying to lose weight which is hard now that I can't walk for an hour every morning like I used to before I got sciatica. The tablets I take also make you want to eat and put on weight.

Kirstenm said...

Gold star! One Sunday at a time..

Liz Hinds said...

well done! No, it's not easy!

Bless said...

You did really well on Sunday! Well done!

Back2OurSmallCorner said...

Well done with your Sunday meal planning. Not easy but worth the effort.