Wednesday 28 February 2024

Have we lost Freedom of Speech?

 Dh and I are always careful speaking to other people, when we are out, because you can be accused of being prejudicial or non woke, for anything these days. Although I am happy to stick my head up above the parapet and state that I agree with J K Rowlings, that a woman is a person with a uterus. 

I see that once again she has been trolled for stating her opinion. Difficult these days as Angela once said in a comment, about freedom of speech. 

When we were living in Suffolk there was someone in one group we belonged to who was a 'trans' He/She was in her late twenty's, her name was J. She had longish hair, wore make up and female clothes. However J's choice of clothes were like those that teenagers wore.  Some very short, with tops that had parts cut out, they always looked a bit out of place, but that's just my opinion. 

It was  difficult to accept her as female, her face was very angular and although smooth did not look feminine. Tall and with muscular legs, J did not look like a young girl.. One week something upset J and she started to cry, I did feel sorry for her, but no way did J ever look like a female to me.

So am I allowed to say that?

It is very difficult, I would never hurt anyone's feelings. When we met her in a local supermarket and she smiled and approached us, we chatted to her as you would anyone else. On the same supermarket visit we met and chatted to our Dr! That what happens when you live in a small town.

What do you think about freedom of speech, have we lost it?



Sooze said...

Yes, seems so many things now offend or upset somebody or my mind they just choose to be upset because it's 'fashionable'. I try to be mindful, but husband (who does suffer with cognitive impairment, so it's difficult for him) just says whatever he thinks, which can be a bit eyebrow raising at times. It does feel as though us older ones are being ruled now by militant 'woke' younger people, just for the sake of being controversial. Common sense seems to have gone out of the window.

jabblog said...

It is becoming very difficult to speak freely for fear of offending someone. The vocal minority has never been more vocal and we are presented with a very skewed view of the world sometimes.
In addition, it seems that everything is up for discussion, no matter how personal or intimate.
I feel sorry for boys and young men these days, since they are at danger of being accused of unacceptable behaviour as soon as they look at a girl or say anything.

Angela said...

It is an absolute minefield out there. I once had a negative comment on my blog, but posted it because I felt it was presenting an alternative viewpoint. Two people emailed me privately to explain why they found the comment upsetting and rather offensive. So I removed it. The original person then sent a very angry comment about the removal. I did not post that. (If the person had emailed me, I could have explained to him/her- but I just gave up) I attempt to follow St Paul's advice "as far as it is possible, try to live at peace with all". And yes, personal appearance/choice of wardrobe is a touchy issue, for people of all genders and ages!

Mari said...

Yes, I do think we are on that path. I feel like especially if you have conservative beliefs, you are supposed to keep quiet.

Marie Smith said...

This is a tough one. I respect the person’s right to live as they see and feel themselves to be. To me, what I think or feel about them is of no consequence unless they make it my concern. Others are free to say what they think of course. If someone is into hate speech, that is a different issue. It can’t be easy to transition to another gender and I can’t imagine it is a frivolous choice. I feel for them.

The world has changed so much since our childhood and it is hard to understand it all. Educating ourselves is important as you know. Respect, as you showed, is always a key.

Liz Hinds said...

that is such a tricky question. I am sometimes told by my children, "You can't say that, Mum!" when it seems like an innocent remark to me. I think today's youngsters are more aware and that's probably a good thing.

Will said...

Having lived through several different epochs in my 70+ years, we are definitely living now in a much less tolerant time than in the past. Prim and proper 1950s with much hidden and unsaid gave way to the swinging sixties with much greater freedoms, and on through the 70/80/90s - a film like The Life of Brian simply could not be made today, it would upset far too many. Looking at older TV programmes on BBC iPlayer and ITV X, the rot seems to have set in around the late 1990s, with the advent of "political correctness", and dramatically accelerated with the advent of social media and a tiny minority having an exaggerated sense of their own importance and an overwhelming need to force feed their views and opinions on everyone else on pain of excommunication from the new world order.

Anonymous said...

Freedom of speech? No, you seem to be referring to the freedom to insult and judge others. And, yes, it is not appropriate. Don't your Christian values dictate that you be kind to others and leave the judging to God?

Chris said...

To Anonymous... Sign your name! I stated a fact, I didn't ever judge J just said openly I think a woman is some one with a uterus

Meanqueen said...

Trolls are usually people who are offended by anything and everyone. They don't usually sign their name. There is a difference between a trans person and a cross dresser. A man can put on a dress, that's fine by me. I stopped to get an ice cream at a cafe and sat outside on a bench to eat it. As I got up to leave I briefly exchanged pleasantries with two women who were having a coffee on the other bench. It was quite plain to see that one of them was a man in a dress, with a long blonde wig and full makeup. I thought he looked nice. Quite possibly husband and wife enjoying an afternoon out. If a trans person demands they be recognised as their preferred gender when it's obvious they are not, that's just plain daft.

Joy said...

I don't think we ever did have freedom of speech. There's always been areas where one was not expected to go and got shunned if one did, even beaten up/killed/mentally abused/imprisoned. It's just changed over the centuries, that's all.
Freedom of speech is a myth, always has been. It cannot be anything else until mankind finds a way to express themselves or listen to others without hurt being intended/caused. And that isn't going to happen, is it?

Anonymous said...

I am sick to death of not being able to say something that may cause offense.
I would never knowingly offend someone
But I now think we'll if it causes offence that is your problem
People now look for things to be offended at

Where I come from I call everybody duck male or female
Is it offensive NO
Alot of people need to grow up and get a life