Tuesday, 2 September 2008


Here we are in September, it has been cold and damp already..and some leaves are starting to change colour.
Our garden has had a definite Autumn smell and my summer tubs are overgrown and ready to be changed.
I think I 'll just have a couple as it seems such a lot to do and my knee is still not 100%

I am walking about the house without my stick but after an hour of house work my knee starts to give me pain and it is still uncomfortable at night.

We are not sleeping that well as Mike is now into count down of finishing his job, so we have had middle of the night cups of tea... so all a bit stressful. I am sure something will come up and he has been given details of Engineer Support jobs, so that seems helpful.
I don't think the girls really understand what it means that their father will not have an income!
But some good news for me, Yvonne wants to come and stay for a couple of days, so a friend to stay.... yiphee!

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