Sunday, 14 September 2008

Early sunday 14th September
I had a wonderful couple of days with Yvonne here, it made me realise how living here has downed my spirits and how I long to have friends near. She took me to The Range on tuesday so I was able to buy a whole lot of card stuff and have started my Christmas cards... I struggled a bit walking round and I had to sit in the cafe section for a while as my knee was so painful, still it meant we had a lovely coffee and chatted even more. She is so patient because I walked so slowly and getting back to the car was agony. It taught me one thing I can't go out by myself alone yet!

Then wednesday we went to visit Penny Yvonne's cousin Kevin's wife as Kevin was in work. She does this massage and gave Yvonne a treatment as Yvonne wants to do a course to do the same.
If Yvonne can get on the course it is near here at the end of Octaober and she has asked could she stay here, which would be wonderful! A whole five days!

W e had lunch at Penny's which was delicious, lots of tasty bits including home made bread and humous!
Diet went out the window, but it had already as Yvonne had brought her home bread and her fruit bread which is very very yummy. I was afraid to go to SW on thursday to be weighed but I had stayed the same which was a relief!

Back to the food plan this week with renewed effort!

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