Friday, 19 September 2008

Friday and the sun is shining

This is the garden at the beginning of the year.. a bit over grown now.....

........Yvonne thought it looked wonderful but she would say that knowing how I feel about gardening and not having been able to do much since my op. I forgot to say that she had stayed last week, and once she went the days have dragged. I think I will have to visit her. It was months before we had seen each other. It was nice to have her here I had forgotten how nice to have a friend around and she is so patient as I walked so slowly!
She took me out craft shopping which was lovely and so good to do it with a friend. Some good news about SW I got the fruit basket for Slimmer of the week even though I only lost ½ pound as the big loses were from people who had either missed last week or had put on last week! I am as Mary says just chipping away at it! Now lost 1 pound in two weeks!
I would love to lose 2 pounds this week so I am writing everything down…
Must get on with my Autumn Exchange today, I would like it finished by Monday!

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