Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Wow Alone!

We are alone both girls have flown the nest and yesterday was the first day Mike was home having finished at Atritor, we sat and chatted and had coffee before we both did a bit of catch up cleaning! He blitzed the kitchen and me the bathroom, so we were gleaming by the time we sat down for lunch…
Then we popped the Dunelm Mill and bought some new pillows for us, so with a lovely clean bed last night and working hard doing the house work we both slept like logs!
Although in the late afternoon my knee was bad, I think I stood too long doing the bathroom and then walking around looking at the bits and pieces at Dunelm Mill, it was horrendously painful! Must be more careful with it!
Mike did a lovely steak meal and we had a glass of Blackberry wine, and it was very nice too!
I think we are going to like this being alone!
The pic this morning are the last of the cosmos all very over grown now, still we have all winter to get the garden straight!

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