Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Writing Group

This morning I felt full of beans! Monday did me the power of good and also I had coloured my hair so went to the hair dressers this morning and had it done!
Having successfully driven on Monday I drove off to my Writing Group meeting today and once again to escape from the house was wonderful. It was wonderful to see Jean, Elaine and Lisa… Debi is recovering from a hysterectomy.. Ian nor Jana was there but there was still enough there of us to have a good discussion on Writing ones Own life Story. Elaine did well to try to keep us on track but chatting persisted as per usual. They all congratulated me on my letter being published in Gardeners World Magazine and I told them how my friend Linda in Cambridge had bought the magazine and read the letter, recognised it was from me and then phoned to say, ‘Wow read your letter in G W Magazine!’ I am famous!!
I must find a way of incorporating my successful letters into this blog, there is so much I leave out… like all the cross stitch I have done in the last 3 months, as for most of that time I have been laid up with this knee, Saying that today driving in the car it was like there was nothing wrong with my knee, it was only getting in and out of the car and walking that it was painful!

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